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bird dream of the olympus mons

i lost everything i ever hadspeed leaving without warning
i need some place
to sleep tonight
blowing in the rocking
of the pine
speed leaving without warning
the sunlight is going
into the mountain
i will crawl
into the mountain
sun shines in the rusty morning
skyline of the olympus mons
i think about it sometimes
sun shines in the rusty morning
once i had a good fly
into the mountain
i will fall

-black francis, 1991.

That is what i feel now. I want to be back on Mars. Hiding in my mountain. Hiding in my cave.

I got Morphine’s YES in the mail today. I had one other of their records, but wanted more. So i tried another one. I really like this one. I think much more than GOOD. I want to play a two string bass. Maybe I’ll take off two of them on my Flying V. Maybe not. I dont have anything else to say. I am not going to post a supository of words on the attacks. My thoughts have been stated and Elle definately clarified anything I left out. I concur with her 100% She stated everything quite wonderfully. Always amazes me. Stop sending me those damn forwards. For the love of god- Do something. But dont forward a fucking email to me once more. Revolution, up it.