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a surveying instrument for measuring horizontal angles


Last night we had rehearsal again. I remember the week before, I started getting a blister on my index finger of my right hand. Luckily it was in the right position which means I have a decent fulcrum. I guess it’s not that good as if one uses good technique one will never get a blister. But I am working on it. Last night the blister reformed and fell off. It was kind of gross. But I think my hands are redeveloping the calluses that used to be there. No more Mr. Soft Hands. The rehearsal went really well and I pretty much nailed the 7/8 song that was messing with me the week prior. I like a good challenge. We learned a few other new songs which went rather smoothly. I am really enjoying playing the drums again. It’s a good feeling. And to share that with some incredibly talented musicians is just icing on the cake. Now I just need to find the stand that holds up my 16×16″ bass drum.

So it’s that time of year again. We’re going up to NY to stay with the cousins for the yearly Apple Picking tradition. We’re leaving after work. Actually we have to go home and pack and then drop Emily’s car off at the garage. Then we’ll drive up to Rye, NY to stay with the cousins. It’s so nice to hang with the family. Then Friday, we’ll most likely either sleep in or head to the City of NY. Not THE CITY. Cos that’s some elitist NYC bullshit that I will have no part of. We might have lunch plans with some friends. Friday night everyone kinda rolls in to the cousin’s house at different times as everyone is coming from separate locations. Saturday is the Apple Picking day at our cousin’s orchard in upstate NY and Sunday is brunch back in Rye. I can’t wait to get the hell out of here… We so deserve it this time.

Have a great weekend.