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boob tube!

Soundtrack for the day: the Magnetic Fields, Neil Young, Modest Mouse, the Cardigans, Billie, & the Samples.

I love this shit! This is some girl who showed her boobies on live TV (the Today Show) for $1000.00 for a radio station. It was genius. At least I thought so. I would have paid $1000.00 just to see the look on the Producers face. You can click on her boobs to read more?! Really, you can!

Nothing is really up…rented lotsa movies tonite. I got a Jim Jarmusch film called ‘Down by Law.’ I really like his films and hadn’t seen this one in a while. I also got Backdraft in letterbox. I have been noticing that i will rent movies, just because that are available in letterbox. EEEEK! I also got Casualties of War with Sean Penn and Michael J. Fox! Brian dePalma did this one. Hefty movie indeed…another “not seen in a long time.” So have a fab weekend and beee good. Buzzzz.