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Old Balls In New York City

There is no question I am in my late 20s. In fact I am so late in my 20s I am virtually in my 30s. Like when you get so cold your balls pop out of your shoulders.

This weekend was a first for New York. It was relaxing and chill. We got up to Rye after dinner time after a few wrong turns getting out of DC. I think around 10pm is when we rolled in. Uncle Barry was there for a day before he flew to Salt Lake for the Sundance Film Festival. So it was nice to seem them both kvetching and getting fed generously.

Friday we took Metro North to New York City to meet up with Brian at work to get the keys to their apartment. We dropped off our bag and headed out to PS1 in Queens. The first floor was kinda crap. All these Art101 paintings from high school. The interesting art was up in the higher floors. The Peter Hujar photo exhibit was interesting. A great portrait of John Waters was part of it. And Jon Kessler’s The Palace at 4 A.M. was absolutely breathtaking. I can’t even explain it. But I’ll try. Simply put it was about 500 video cameras and equal TVs with motors and robots. And it was interactive and insightful. And post-9/11. Even the viewers we part of the installation. Totally amazing. What was really cool was seeing Nathan from Trans Am there. Totally random! After we started loosing steam we headed back to Marisa and Brian’s apartment to get dressed for the Theatre.

We had dinner at a Turkish place near Broadway. The Producers was great. The 7th Row seats were awesome. At first I thought they would be better because Uncle Barry hooked us up, but they ended up being the ideal seats like he promised. Our line of vision was completely parallel to the stage which is becoming my gague for how good the seats are. So the show was great, but it was expected. Nothing more, nothing less. Springtime for Hitler can never really be bad.

Saturday was a lazy day playing video games and eating junk food. Emily read a ton of that book. She’s a reading fool! Saturday afternoon we went out to the Bodies Exhibit. It was pretty interesting seeing how all the blood vessels looked being suspended in water. And the fetuses was something I had never really seen in real life. The bones and muscles deal was as expected. The funny thing was the overwhelming smell of beef jerky. Luckily Brian didn’t make ribs that night. Instead we tried going to the Sweet ‘n Tart in Chinatown. It actually had moved so we walked down Pell Street to find another place that was great. $4 for a huge bowl of soup ruled even after the 20 minute wait in the cold, wind and rain. Throughout the dinner I peed 3 times, I presume from the massive amounts of tea I drank. Then we headed home with Zack while Lauren headed back to Brooklyn to meet her boyfriend. It was cool seeing Lauren.

Back at the ranch we drank wine. Well they drank wine. I went all straightedge on their asses and drank tea. I don’t know why I was all about the warm liquids this weekend. We talked and played video games and read. It was excellent. Zack took off around 2.30am and we crashed shortly after that.

Sunday was spent taking care of some business with Kier. We had tea at her place and was wowed by her C-12 mic and her gigantor compressors. It was cool seeing that she had a Roland JP-8000, too. Sweet. After that we took a cab to Other Music to pick up some birthday music. Emily got coffee in the cafe next door.

My birthday purchases:

There is something awesome about Other Music. You can’t buy a bad record in that store. Love it or leave it. Not to mention it’s quite funny it’s across the street from Tower Records.

We decided to stay an extra night and check out The Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Asscat was performing their improv thang that night with Amy Poehler. She’s so incredibly funny on the Weekend Update with Tina Fey. It couldn’t be bad and it wasn’t It totally stood up and was funny as hell. That dude from Arrested Development also showed up who happens to be Amy’s husband. So it was really funny. Like ‘pee in your pants’ funny. Like ‘we all needed diapers’ funny.

Monday we took the train back to Rye to have lunch with Aunt Kathi and to install her photo printer and get more Wedding pictures. So all in all it was a great long weekend other than the fact that we underestimated the cold front that overcame New York on Saturday. It was nice not running around doing 500 things each day. Yay for relaxing in New York! It can be done.

Pictures are here.