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It’s A Marquis Day?


WHERE WOULD YOU RATHER LIVE? I am quite content here. I wouldn’t mind Boston or Chicago. I might actually consider Brooklyn. But that’s just kinda cliche these days.

WHERE WOULD YOU *NOT* LIVE? in the south or the midwest – it’s just not me.

WHAT READING MATERIAL IS ON YOUR TOILET? i look out the window at the people who go to the college. or the shampoo bottles.

WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? when i had my W.N.B. (wedding nervous breakdown)

SIZE, OR TECHNIQUE? it depends what we’re talking about

WHAT BORES YOU? people who have no passions

WHAT DO YOU FEAR? religious people
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highway 95 revisited

papakoo weekend
Soundtrack of the weekend: Bob Dylan’s highway 61 revisited, The Sea and Cake, Built to Spill, The Pixies, Convoy, New Order, Cake, and random other oddities.

This weekend was a Philly/NYC one. Friday, I drove up to Philly to see a show with Jessica. This bluesy thing called “SLO MO” opened up for the real band, whose name escapes me right now. SLO MO was pretty good, except for the dorky looking singer who played the lap steel. Just picture Lou Barlow in a tux playing the lap steel. It was a tragedy. However we did drink wine and Jessie Belle showed up, so it was cool seeing her for a little while. There was this other couple there that I supposedly “schmoozed” with. They were nice and very intense. I did get a business card too! The next band that played was even more bluesy and perhaps more jazzy as well. They were all mega-young. Their image didn’t fit their music yet once again. What is up with the Philly music scene! They need one big stylist. or something…This band however was way more refined and well rehearsed. Great organ player too…too bad for the turtleneck. But the guy who managed the 2nd band was really nice and hooked us up with CDs and T-Shirts. Fun!

Saturday we drive to Brooklyn in a snap as opposed to other areas of NYC that are a little more challenging to get to. We meet up at Jamie’s apartment and chill for a while. Then we head out to Manhattan to get some dinner. Damn. We eat at some Irish pub. The food was doper than dope, or maybe I was hungrier than hungry. I did get chicken marsalla and a salad. Damn yummy! Then after Jamie ate his arm off (see photos), and we sang along to SWEET CHILD OF MINE we headed next door to the LOUNGE to see Papakoo and some girlie play her piano. Sara Brenner was the opener and she was typical piano/guitar girl rock. Good though. She did this weird set thing where she played her first set then the main band played and then she came back on again for the 2nd set. Weird, I tell you! Sara was pretty good for her style of music. She totally rocked me with her cover of James’ LAID. You go girl! Hopefully next time she’ll sing the lyrics right. Her drummer was really nice though and showed me his hi-hats. He really did! More info on Sara at www.sarabrenner.com

Papakoo hit the stage just 45mins later. I was thinking this was gonna be a full-on rock assault by the sound of their MP3s I had previously heard. But in fact it was their more mellow set for tonight. We got the acoustic guitars and brushes on the drums, etc. I really liked the singers voice. It was interesting. The music was a little too predictable and radio-friendly for my liking, but the guys in the band were really nice to us and played good music for what style of music they played. They are playing Baltimore in February so I’ll meet up with them there. More info on papakoo at www.papakoo.com

So I am done being a music snob. I did in fact see a girl with whom I went to high school. I didn’t really know her then nor now. I don’t even remember her name now or probably then. Jenny or Jen or Jessica?! I just can’t remember. Maybe it was all a joke. Maybe she didn’t go to my school. Whatever. I never got along with those people anyways. She was nice, but after 30 seconds I was restless. Cute face, but uh- yeah, “30 seconds factor” was in place.

Have a good week and enjoy the pictures. Click on the picture to the right to see the pictures from the show or click here