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ignoti nulla cupido

no retreat baby no surrenderFor MONS III i think i have decided to cover NO SURRENDER by Bruce Springsteen. It is one Bruce song i am very passionate about. I rocked out to that song on the way home from work. We busted out of class…

Tomorrow is the Elliot in the Morning Memorial Weekend BBQ Party. We’re having a “topless” car wash, jello slip and slide (my idea!), free sam adams beer (trust me, we have cases, it’s disgusting!), free nantucket nectars drinks, pools, and so much more. It’s going to be a blast. The funny thing is, is that it’s at 6am. And I will bet you 200 people are there before I even show up at 5am. It’s so crazy how many people come out to whatever Elliot does. All this on our DC101 lawn. I love it. And today at work I designed the bowling tshirt we’re printing for when we go bowling with Weezer next week at GW. That should be fun, but no webcam. Funny how every other major market radio station is doing this now. Go figure. We are flattered…

Yesterday the Program Director came by randomly and asked me if I wanted to come with him to CVS to get an arm brace. It was pretty random and I had a few minutes to spare so I went with him. It was nice to chill with him for a little outside of work. We talked about my sister and how she never writes him back. Blah blah. I have no patience for people like that…is it that hard to write someone back? Is your life that important? Granted it can get busy for a day or so, but no one is that busy. Well maybe Johnny Machine cos he plays drums for everyone and their Mom.

I am very excited to record this weekend with Daniel. I think Joe is coming down too. I still need to go to the music store to get some more long patch cords and a few mic stands. You can never have enough mic stands. I still can’t believe I have a studio in my room with a drum kit. It’s unbelievable. It’s my dream room. I just need a whirlpool and I could die a happy man. A DVD player would rock too…This will be my first real joint effort for working with people in MONS that wasn’t spontaneous and random like “hey come over here and play guitar…oh you cant hear anything on tape already…that’s ok, it doesn’t matter…and here play this theremin too…”

I heard from an old college friend today. His name is Bill. I remember going to this random show in TN cos I saw they were from VA or DC. So we went. It was the Comfies. They were neat. At least what i heard from outside there. I remember vividly a glass that was thrown from out of the window. Love that TN bar life! Anyways…I met up with them after the show and they were tremendously nice. They eventually more or less broke up. One guy became the pseud-town hero’s prodage/heartthrob/loser/gay guy. One become very self absorbed and the other continued to rock like a hurricane. He was never selfish and was always down to earth. This guy was Bill. What a cool name. It’s like a cartoon. The only Bill I ever knew. He also liked the most random music. From old-Verve to Dee-Lite to Tel Aviv to Van Halen to Cyndi Lauper. No holds bar. Anyways…it was very cool to hear from him and great to hear he is finally graduating and moving to the DC area. I hate people who settle for mediocre. Ignorance is bliss.

FYI (I love the bit about repeating over and over…I like that!)

1K No Surrender chords
the way that i play it is
(F)well we busted out of class had to get (C)away from those fools we learned
more(Bb)from a three minute record date than (F)we ever learned in (C)school.
(F)we made a (C)promise we’d (Bb)always (C)redmember no (Bb)retreat nooo(F)

then it just repeats over and over.