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Emily And The Splinter On Her Butt

Like most of the homes we’ve lived in, we have hardwood flooring in the new house. There are quite a few splinters we’ve found as it’s so old and could use a good sanding. We both know to wear shoes or slippers while in the house walking around as you never know if you could get a splinter. While I was out shopping for food for having JG and Al over last night Emily was unpacking and tidying up. She happened to be on the floor and was sliding around.

I came home her to her screaming, “I HAVE A SPLINTER ON MY BUTT! You have to get it out!”

I have to get it out?!”

So the next 30-45 minutes was spent hot compressing and working the splinter out while she laid tummy-town on the bed. I actually has to sterilize many utensils. I even had to cut about 1 mm of skin back to pull out a rather large splinter. It was about 1-2 cm long and about 1-2 mm wide at it’s widest. I was amazed I even got this sucker out. Luckily there was little bleeding and it has been healing nicely.

Since my vows to Emily included getting milk for her late at night, I think I will have to update them to include pulling large splinters off of her butt.

Now that’s love.