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Best Parallel Park, Ever

Ok, well maybe not my best, but it’s pretty darn good (6 inches up front and 2 in the rear) for Baltimore city parking after 8pm.

Front of car

Rear of my car

PS. Happy October! Yay Autumn!

the we’ll find out what went out on it

liquor (15k image)Oh the joys of being Mat:

From: jcf@crosslink.net
Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2002 11:27 AM
To: webmaster@dc101.com
Subject: Hello

There really should be a who “would you do” for women on your site. I need my sexuality glorified in a way that puts men at a constant disadvantage. Even that shit up. More dick and plenty of it, big ones, cut abs, shall we discuss the talent of Fabio? I think he is soooooo talented. I just can’t tell that he’s not.

Sincerely yours,
fuckin hot shaved rock chick

Other than reading funny as shit emails like this Emily is moved. Hurrah! Now she just needs to unpack. Her two ex-military friends from work were super cool and strong and didnt even need a video camera to bribe them to help! They just did it! Can you believe it?. And i am on my way to getting a new car. It’s the either the 2002 Silver Passat GLS-V6 or the 2002 Silver Honda Accord XL-V6. The Passat will be quite a bit more so i am leaning to the Accord right now. Cos for 8k less i can have a car with the works. So we’ll see what the connections will do for me. I am just waiting to hear back from a few AE’s here at work and Bob in Baltimore to get the “connection” hook up price. The biz does treat me nice from time to time. More on that as it happens.

bust is the only women’s magazine i can stand

kailuabeachgirl - someone, for the love of god, take me to the fargon beach! (11k image)Last night was the Hot 995 show and since i am such the “team player” as they seem to say in the “real world”, i volunteered to shoot the event. In retrospect i think i decided to volunteer my “services” due to the fact that i’ve never shot a “pop” show before. And it definately was “eye-opening.” quote un-quote. I’ve never been around thousands of screaming girls with the average age being 13. It was rather horrifying. In fact i am still amazed at the insanity of the female species. What estrogen will do to the mind of a human is beyond me. Why arent terrorists using estrogen instead of anthrax. Now that would be the way to go if i was to ever become a terrorist. So my favorites were definately (in no particular order) Naughty by Nature, Vanessa Carlton (and yeah, i am almost proud to say i heard of her before you did. ok, i lied. i really dont care.), and Michelle Branch. Craig David was actually pretty interesting. Good lyrics and it was mad bold he took to the stage sans guitar or mic stand. He only had an acoustic guitarist backing him. Michelle and Vanessa were both rocking and had fabulous backing bands. It’s funny, cos they were just backing bands but every guitarist in their bands had like 40 guitar pedals. Likes it’s gonna matter if the delay pedal is on.

And now it’s almost 1am. I am just sitting around waiting for Emily to get back from her girlie party for one of her friend’s wedding. I did get some good stuff done. I got some new mixes of some MONS songs done. Cleaned my room (have i even been home this week?!), went to dinner with Lisa and finished Harry Potter (i was actually surprised how much i liked it), and hung out with the pops. Tomorrow Emily and myself are getting up in the morning to move her from her temporary apartment to her new place in Takoma Park. Fun. Luckily this time there will be 3 ex-military gov’t workers there. Plus three other friends helping out. So, I’ll just supervise like Chris Cornell in Singles. Arms crossed and all. Badass Mother Fucker. I love that scene. Quite possibly my most favorite scene. That and when they are fucking and there is that shot of the fridge and you hear Jane’s Addiction’s “three days.” Oh Cameron and his soundtracks.

Then Sunday is car shopping. Passat here I come. I think i am gonna make this a Father/Son thing. It will be more fun for the both of us. Plus the man sure knows about buying cars. And Emily wants to go to Ikea to get stuff for her new apartment, so after test driving it’s off to the yellow and blue legoland. If i can still stand.