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dude i almost died on saturday, dont give me any shit

allison's is still better - waynecoyne (10k image)Today at 3.30 i had to leave work to go to the place where the car was towed on Saturday night after the wreck. And notice i didnt say accident. This was the one thing i did learn in the south. They call it a wreck, where in the north it’s called an “accident”. It was no accident. She was drinking, she got in an accident. She made a bad mistake. And only got reckless driving. Fucking bitch. Blah blah. So yeah, i had to skip out of work early (the boss was tres cool) and headed over to Gainsville, VA or something like that, out near Nissan Pavilion. So yeah, i looked at the car and was pretty much suprised i walked away pretty much unscathed. Makes me laugh at people who drive those silly small cars. The hugeness of my Buick pretty much saved my life (in addition to the air bag). So anyways…I had to get all the shit i had in my car. I found many of mix tapes that always seem to mysteriously disapear within the seats. I actually found one dated from 2001 when i was dating NJ Jessica. It was the cassette cover she lost. No clue even if she still has the tape. Would be a shame, cos it was a good one:

TITLE: i’ve seen them kissing out in the hallway (cheesy Flaming Lips reference from one of my favorite songs by them)
DATE: 09feb2001 (god i love how american i am)

whole lotta love – led zeppelin
do you feel bad about it? – frank black
surrender – cheap trick
no surrender – bruce springsteen (i think it’s the live acoustic one)
thursday – the features
tomorrow never knows – the beatles
wait until tomorrow – jimi hendrix
motr – trans am (totally should have been a side starter)
intact – ned’s atomic dustbin
i can’t – radiohead (ooops)
40 – u2 (quoting bible verses seems to usually work in rock, go figure)
superhumans – the flaming lips (see mix title)
roadrunner – jonathan richman and the modern lovers
bellbottoms – jon spencer blues explosion
bad mouth – fugazi
sweet jane – velvet underground
the city – dismemberment plan
bird dream of the olympus mons – the pixies (yeah, so now you know where it came from)
star sail – verve (yeah, even before they were THE verve, back when they were good)
my time – jane’s addiction (remember them?)
temptation – new order (green eyes, blue eyes, grey eyes)
rock and roll band – the clears

What a memory lane for me. Wish i still had it. Most of all, i hope there was one band on that mix tape that NJ Jessica actually liked and purchased a CD of theirs. That would be best.

So yeah, i had to try and get everything from the car. Emily’s expensive camera and 100 of her CDs were in the trunk that had been literally crushed. Luckily the crate it was in was sheltered by my sleeping bag (see entries from november about camping) and looking in through a crack it appears to be unscathed. Regardless, the insurance would have covered it all. Thanks goodness for USAA. Everyone should have USAA’s insurance.

And never ever, under penalty of death, listen to WMAL on your drive home from work. There are way too many right wing conservatives on the radio air waves. They need to be taken to Texas to be eaten. But on a brighter note i rented two movies tonight. Not Another Teen Movie, which was rather funny. Great cameos and clever use of fair play and parody. I think i just needed to laugh outloud. And i rented Tora Tora Tora which is a portrayal of the events that lead to the bombing of Pearl Harbor directed by an American and two Japanese men. Oh yeah, and somewhere in there i bought Emily’s Birthday present. Time for bed. Time to listen to one of the most beautiful albums of all time, Bruce Springsteen’s nebraska. Sometime i’ll check out that state.