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I’m not as cool as the rest of you

Ten Things I Have Done That You Probably Haven’t

  1. Lip synced and danced to Mony Mony by Billy Idol in grade school.
  2. Built a theremin from parts bought at Radio Shack.
  3. Was raised Jewish.
  4. Got to shoot (photography-wise) 3 of my favorite bands before they broke up or died.
  5. Sans a few years in high school I totally get along with my parents.
  6. I had a CAT Scan and an EEG when I was a kid.
  7. Tried to find the Dischord House with friends in college.
  8. I’ve been to the majority of the Smithsonian Museums minus the Postal Museum and the American Indian Museum.
  9. I almost studied Music Therapy in college.
  10. Made my first home video at age 27.