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microwavable rigid wrap plaster cloth

thatslutfromjoemillionaire (15k image)Today after work Emily and myself went to a neighbor’s house to pick up some catnip they were offering up on the community Listserv. They were really nice and we talked about composting newspaper and German Shepards for a bit. They are from Northern California. We’re not from there.

After that we stopped by Video Americain to pick up some videos. We picked up Catch Me if you Can, Until the End of the World (which I’ve seen a few times, but Emily hasn’t), and Modulations (the counter part to the book). So we get to the register and they bring up our account and say, “Did you bring back Porn Star?” Emily said she did and starts getting revved up. They seem to think that we never brought it back. Now, don’t get my wrong. It was a very humorous movie, but not the kind of movie I’d want to watch more than once. So for a few minutes Emily gives the cashier some shit, as we’re not allowed to rent any movies until this is resolved. Rather ridiculous if you ask my Blockbuster-for-three-years ass. That’s kinda a lame policy. Regardless, we walk out of there pretty irate. Then we come home and I look in the VCR and it’s sitting there. Yeah, Emily returned the box without the tape. And you people call me the pothead?!

Now we’re back home and getting amused by showering the cats with the new fresh catnip. Emily is surely amusing me exclusively now as well with cooking and setting off, not one, but two smoke detectors. Not by any fault of hers. As she’s a great cooker. But our oven needs some obvious cleaning.

And yeah, I am missing Biz Markie this Saturday to photograph Third Eye Blind and Saliva and bands of that sort. I guess in the end it’s still six or one half the dozen. Eh. I really need to start playing more. Time to learn the Akai.