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what other markets and media are you buying?

tycho (9k image)Thursday, me and Emily went to this Chocolate Convention dealy in Baltimore. It was decadant. Almost too much chocolate if there is ever such a thing. Friday I took the day off, cos I can. It was chill. Friday night me and Emily went to her Mother’s house. She cooked spaghetti with meatballs. I use the word “cooked” very loosely when used with the meatballs, as they were hard as sin after being “cooked” in a mircrowave. The rest was good though. I just dont get that microwave cooking that her mother is rather too accustomed and prideful to. I dont care what her mother says. An oven is way better. And is never a substitute. Anways…we hung out there for a bit and then watced the opening ceremony with the KKK men and the American Indians that told us “White People to go back to where we came from”.

Saturday, Emily had to work at Sputnik in Annapolis. So I had the day to myself. Brea was supposed to come over and do my nude shoot, but the cats were killing me and i wasn’t in the best mood so I worked on foto page a lot and went in to work for a bit. I also fed my frog for the last time. Emily came back after dinner time and she cooked us a yummy dinner. Then we were thinking of going to Addy’s place for his 2nd housewarming party, but we already went to the first one just months ago and it was already after 11pm, so we just headed out to a punk rock show at an old rug store. The first band was from Australia and rocked it pretty hard. The second band was just plain bad. I think they were from Baltimore. And had no vocals. They even had my bet! Then the third band kinda sucked too. But at least they had a decent drummer. The singer was just god awful. I mean it was “different” – but not really in that good kinda way. She was definately unfortunate and needed to listen to a few more Patti Smith records to get her on par. This girl was off the scale. Plus she kept saying “This isnt DC!” Or something like that. Damn straight it wasnt DC. If it was DC, she’d prolly be in a good band. Or not in one, cos no one would give that deaf lady the time of day. Bitch. Don’t fuck with DC. Henry Rollins or HR will kick John Water’s ass anyday. With his fucking pinky finger. Regardless of the re-affirmation that the DC Music Scene is much more refined and interesting, me and Emily did a lot of good talking, which is something I’ve never had with a significant other. Go figure.

i couldnt put my eyeliner on this morning cos my hands were shaking too much

Sunday was a pretty silly day. Didnt do too much. Slept butt ass late and went to the Paper Moon then went to Emily’s Father’s house to pick up her (College) Diploma and I played with the dog a bit. One smelly ass dog. But it’s a dog, and i love me some dog. After that we watched some movies that we rented early in the week. We did 2001 and 2010. In a row. 2010 was kinda a let down considering how much of a masterpiece 2001 was. Thank god Kubrick had nothing to do with 2010.

Ok, SR-71 is prolly the most worthless band ever. But they did this one song that combines Country Roads by John Denver, Purple Rain by Prince, and I want u to want me by Cheap Trick. That my friend, is cool.