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Yo, MTV Raps!

Mat installing the attic fan - matatticfan.jpg
Saturday David R. came over around dinner and we picked up some Mark’s Kitchen. Yum. Then we worked on #4 SISA. It’s gonna be a wild one. We’ll finish it up this week, ideally.

Sunday David R. came over around 11am. And we headed to Home Depot to pick up some supplies to install the attic fan. Tortoise was in his CD player. It’s sweet when other people listen to Thrill Jockey bands.

Normally it wouldn’t be a huge deal, but there was never an attic fan installed with our house like all the new houses have. Well there was. But it was from the 40s or something. And it was sorta attached to an awning and it’s really non-functional right now. Except for a family of squirrels calling it home. So I finally got to use the circular saw we bought a year ago for an actual home improvement project.

After a few measurements we had the wood all set. And then again, for a few more. Then we installed the fan to the frame. Hurrah for drywall screws. Next we added two side support beams. That wasn’t too bad. Then we got to staple gun the screening in so furry creatures can’t come in. All this and it was only 1:40pm

Then we went in to the attic and realized why we were actually installing the fan. It must have been 120 degrees in there. And it was only 75 outside. God forbid it was a typical DC summer and was 96 degrees and 75% humidity. We would have died. But needless to say, opening that window to nail it shut open was the nicest feeling that today. We got the fan installed and in position after a few wiggles and minor window frame adjustments. After the 4 L-brackets were screwed in to secure it’s position we were set. It was in! Yay!

Next week I will run the electrical wiring from an existing lamp to the fan. This will be my first real electrical project, aside from adding dimmers and changing outlets. I can’t wait. I heart my volt-meter.

Thanks again, David, for all your help. And for making a nice new home for my old Yo, MTV Raps! hat.

All the while, Emily was at her wordworking class building a bookshelf. Her next project might be speaker stands for the studio. I sure hope so and I hope they look half as good as her bookshelf.

David installing the attic fan - davidatticfan.jpg