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Some days I crack my self up.

and you know what i am talking about

britney spears - britney_spears_2 (20k image)My subject for this post and what i wrote in a one liner in a past post (two posts ago, i think) has to do with something pertaining to a co-worker. Of course their names will remain anonymous because we dont need anymore drama. Soooooooooo, this girl at work has this boyfriend that totally overreacted to the fact that she was writing about him in her web journal. She didnt even use his name (first, last or both) and he was saying how she betrayed him, etc. Stuff about trust, blah blah. It’s just so crazy how seriously people take themselves. Shit, i dont know the full story nor do i really care to. But it just amazes me how people think. Or dont. Like people really give a shit about you. And i do like this guy too, so dont get me wrong. He is a nice guy. Sure i dont necessarily like the music he creates, but he sure is good at what he does. Shit, i guess she better call and then blame the people who make the phone book. Cos he’s all up in that shit. And that’s her fault too.

In other news I am now moving on to Comedy Central in my office cos VH1 really just repeats all their content throughout the day. It’s like how much Celine Dion can you take? Jesus christ. And if she covers anymore AC/DC songs I am going to go postal. But in a good way, cos Postal Workers get a bad rep.

And just yesterday we reworked our proposal/contract to do another shoot for Clear Channel. So it’s approved after a few days of rewriting. We’re shooting the Rock and Sports Experience and will be taking home some nice pocket change. Shit, and the film stills for this upcoming movie. The gigs are coming. I like this. Now we just have to get enough gigs where I wont have to have a day job. I am loving it.

freddie eating out sarah’s little slot

it's not a brain tumor (6k image)So as i was leaving for work today i saw my Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds CD. I had been looking for it for a couple days now, but it had been covered by the copious amounts of books lying next to my bed. Regardless, I saw it and took it with me to listen to in the car to work or later while driving to the Whitetail Skiing dealy with work.

I got to work first around 9.15am. No one else was there. Go figure. Laura came in and shortly after Lara came in, cos she’s always late. It turns out Lara spent 100 bucks on skiing gear. Girls trip me up. I am still using my mother’s old ski stuff from Montgomery Ward. Gotta love Sears ripoffs.

So driving to the Ski place we first went to 7-11 to get some munchies. I picked up some trail mix and fruit juice, cos I am a jaded old ex-hippie. Laura picked up one of those “energy bars” and Lara picked up a banana and then put it back, some water and some other stuff. She totally reminded me of NJ Jessica in that she picked up like 400 things and just eventually put them all back. Sorta impulse buying with a conscious. Or something. Is there a connection with Central Jersey and Long Island? Hmmm. So we hit 270-N to 70-W. The first CD was a good starter for a mildly short road trip. We took Weezer’s self-titled first record. What a perfect way to start the day. Good icebreaker, so to speak. Perfect for passenger sing-a-long. Who doesnt like Weezer’s first record? You have to be lifeless and dead to not like it. …totally reminded me of sophomore year of high school and theiving all those CDs from Tower Records.

After that CD we listened to Prince’s “symbol” album until the CD player went nuts and started skipping like mad, then we listened to the ever abundant classic rock stations in northern Maryland. Fucking white-trash-land. But good for the 70s classic rock.

and yes, you broke my 3 item list too

We got there to Mercersburg, PA and got Ski-ed up with the boots, ski’s and poles and went down a few times. The GM gave a speech at 3pm. He was pretty cool as he always is. He talked about how “Clear Channel Corporate” means nothing to us and we just do what we do best. I love people like that that say, “Fuck the man” And he IS the man. I love it. I work at a very cool place regardless of what the media does to make it look bad. Fuck their ignorance. It’s just business. If you dont like it, do it better. And quit yer fucking complaining you sorry ass mother fucker. Anyways. Then after lunch and more cookies, and schmoozing and meeting my new Baltimore and Salsbury stations’ PDs and what not, we went back on the slopes. Bizzarely enough there was no beer or wine cos this fucking town was a dry county. Fuck them and religion. Fuckers! Me and Laura had some good conversation on the Ski Lift. A lot of sex related talk. When the best time to have sex is, etc… Which was prompted by an article in Glamour magazine ironically enough. Fuck that magazine, but it was laying around the house, so I picked it up with curiousity and only read one article, of course, before being sucked in to the lies and brainwashing. The magazine does have a purpose for me though, cos it weeds out the feeble minded women who read it. So if, per chance, you read Glamour or any other magazine of the sort, I know to stay away. Cos you’re an idiot. Anyways…I only fell a few times. I lost my I-Zone camera in one fall, but at least after i got a few good shots. Booo. But Mark (my immediate boss) made a lot of sexually harrasing jokes, which we always do and was in general very cool as he usually is. I refrained from making “Raise” jokes. It almost hurt. Still waiting from higher up about that. More about that another time.

no cats, no credit debt, no pot

On the way back, it was a lot of tired silence, which I like a lot of the time. Laura got mega excited she saw that Beach Boys record. It’s great, cos what if i didnt bring that CD? What if i didnt find it this morning? What would we have listened to? Would it have been as good? Would she have told me about her Sloop John B. and Canada story? Would I have missed the Montrose Road exit on 270? Soundtracks while traveling do matter.

Now I am home. I am so happy my job pays us to go skiing on a work day. I even got a yellow hat that matches my yellow pumas. Life is grand, even when your body aches.

and no, you do not have a brain tumor – you are just silly

If anyone wants to turn my frown up-side-down and send me a silver I-Zone camera, I will be forever grateful.