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The Last Show

It’s interesting how things come full circle.

The last show I played as the drummer for Communist Bakesale was Saturday night in Shepherdstown, WV at the Mecklenberg Inn. It reminded me a little of the Tabard Inn in Dupont. Only more small town. So Shepardstown was so cute. It reminded me of a tiny old New England town that was 2 blocks long.

So the show was great and a bunch of locals came out. David was a trooper coming all the way out there with me. The dynamics were incredible. The tempos were fixed yet had feel. I was pretty proud of the tempos. If anyone ever hears the show, it’s something you notice. At least I do. There was a little sadness on my part, as it was my last show, but at the same time there was a lot of optimism in the music. It was nice and a great way to go out. On good terms. I like it that way. Definately times to be proud of.

Oh and a dude there noticed I put a tom on my kit. Usually I get the typical, “Man, you play a weird kit.” It’s nice when people notice the details.

So if you heard our first show and our last show it would make sense to you. What would make sense, you might ask? Well, that’s just it.

Pictures here.

Ignore my condition, it’s just an isolated incident.

My last show with Communist Bakesale [note: check out the new website. eric did a kick-ass job] will be this coming Saturday in West Virginia at the Mecklenberg Inn. Show starts at 10pm. Ideally it won’t be longer than and hour and a half. Please come on out and support the music.

I’ve decided to leave the band as their live drummer. I must finally get back to my own music and to open my recording studio again. Part of my existance has become mildly depressed in the fact that I haven’t really created any music of my own in the past 2+ years. I need to get back on it. Like seriously.

Luckily there are no hard feelings and I actually hope to record a record with the band in the spring once I get the studio up and running, if by that time they are still in to the idea. I think it would be a great experience. However, my days as their live drummer is over. I just don’t have the “jamina” in me. I know they will find a drummer that will propel them to the next level where they want to be. Sadly, that person is not me.

PS. If anyone knows a drummer that might fit the bill, please contact me with some mp3s or something.

The Sometimes Sad Life Of A Recordist

So three things are going on in my head, in no particular order…

#1 – I am burned out from playing in rock bands. It’s now 2005. I started playing drums somewhere around 1991. That puts in about 14 years of drumming mainly in what people would describe as rock music. That’s not to say I didn’t ever play other styles and actually a lot of college was spent not playing rock music. But still it’s a long time. Especially in my thought process. I think I need a break or at least need to slow down. I need to recharge my rock juices. And I don’t know how long it will take but I am slightly optimistic… And I need to be if I am ever going to take The Bakesale in to the studio. Spring 2006!

So in order to accomplish this I bring you to my 2nd grand idea…

#2 – I really need to start recording and playing my own music again. The river dried up and that’s not a good thing. I honestly haven’t recorded since say 2003. And really I finished most of the production for MONSIII during 2001. Playing other people’s music is fun, but only fulfills to a slight degree. I had a seriously in-depth (for us) conversation with David R. this weekend after gathering food at the Farmer’s Market and having a grand breakfast over Alice Coltrane’s Universal Consciousness. We touched on composition and creation and finding sounds. What what they mean and context. I always thought Daniel was my music life partner and I guess he still sorta is on one level, but David really hits it home with me. Definitely on a different level. So we decided to extend a project we had started working on a year or so ago called Betatron. This new project of mine already has a name and will mainly focus on found sounds and field recordings of usually general everyday sounds that people hear but don’t necessarily listen to. And I can record simply on my way to work! Or where ever it takes me. They will be mainly stereo recordings made my an X/Y pattern and perhaps an M/S pattern, if I can get my M/S mic I built working again. Damn Paia. We’ll also intersperse our own compositions on top and layer quite a bit. But not to give it all away… Yeah, a little more high-concept than I am used to working with, but I really like the idea…

And lastly…

#3 – And kinda most importantly, my recording studio needs to be rebuilt. Like, for real. It’s my home away from home that’s really in my basement. Plus it makes money. This needs to happen so I can begin to start thinking about quitting my day job and working from home doing what I feel I do best and love the most in life. #3 is very important to my well-being!

Ok… Signing off…