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Tonight after work I headed out to a client’s house in Takoma Park to work on a contract. It was basically across the street on the Maryland side. Actually she is a client, but she is also an old friend of mine and my family’s. Betsy is getting ready to hire us to design her website for her new non-profit. It is pretty much a company that has music, art and stories, with some Jewish tinges, for healing and spiritual purposes. She is an amazing woman and it’s great we are going to be a part of it. The money will help too, with the house and what not.

And the kicker is that she has a Hammond B3 organ just sitting in her basement. And offered it to me. I almost shit my pants, but I remained calm. The story goes as such: Basically her son was in a band a few years ago and the piano dude left it there saying he would take it out later, but almost 2 years later, and many phone calls to this person, she was fed up. And the rest is history. A Hammond B3. Who would have ever thought. I might have to take lessons again.

So other than being Mr. Sales guy today, which I actually kind of enjoy (bizzarely enough), I am still working on details with Mark for the contract with the label. This record is going to be amazing. There is some serious music on this. Some great guests as well. Al is helping out with bios and such. He is good with the words. That is a fact. He does math with words. There is just so much to do, but there is that great excitement that comes along with the release of a new record that is begining to gain momentum. I really like that feeling. That feeling you know you are doing something good. That feeling you know you are doing something you love more than anything. And you get to do that and share that feeling with the one you love.

Oh yeah, and before I went to Betsy’s as I was walking to the car there were 5 sets of 2 F-18’s that flew over our house at a pretty low altitude. They were heading towards Andrew’s Air Force base, it looked like. Emily said they were doing practice runs for the Reagan thing. It was pretty intense.

emptyicebox: do not fuck fruit

mean mr mustard vs. yo la tengo - yolatengo_blur (16k image)Things…

-met with movie producer last night
-he liked our proofs
-we did this at cosi in dupont cir.
-i got soup
-so did emily
-we were mad relieved
-took metro home
-got crooned by a rather drunk black man
-he was trying to sing marvin gaye
-it was really kinda sad
-his zipper kept sliding down
-fucking gravity
-poor man
-he asked for my number
-emily and i were in bed before midnight
-woke up early and got a po box
-went to the ‘rents place
-went to the bank to get a better interest rate
-had a killer good silver sessions
-went to sears to find clothing with daniel
-left the mall rather unhappy with lack of purchases
-went to guitar center
-it was closes, those rat bastards
-hit fresh fields up for some salads
-came home to put my home audio back in the boxes
-i am so ready to move
-i got room to move
-one week until we tear sputnik up