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complex rhythms and infectious styling of music

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Ivan, Dewi and the beloved Hasselblad

Saturday was the first Stanko shoot. Dewi was great. She was nude. It was my first nude model shoot. And it was really relaxed and fun. I dont think i’ve ever looked at someone nude for 10 straight hours. And we listened to the Flaming Lips most of the day/night. Not until now did I see the pun.

Sunday Daniel came over for some Silver Sessions. It was awesome. We got our syn-on. And after Daniel left we did our “Benneton”/”GAP” shots for Stanko. It was a little more intense with Ivan being there. He was really loud and defined. It was equally as interesting and fun as Saturday but a little more tiring. He sorta reminded me of a Bulgarian Dancing Fool Henry Rollins.

:: shittiest job?
43.5% :: poo toucher
28.2% :: dispatcher
28.2% :: radio webmaster