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dont im me. no. really. dont.

if i was this guy, elle would marry this mother fucking rock god..............fuckingrock (24k image)

Last night Emily and I went to see the sneak peak of Black Hawk Down. Overall is was a great movie. Make sure you dont have any plans after the movie. It’s not really an uplifter. With all this faux-patriotism going on these days, the feable minded audience made up of many o’ radio listeners simply put, weren’t the brightest. There was a point in the movie where these Somalian’s were gunned down by the American Army rather viciously. A few of these feable minded viewers clapped and laughed out loud. My blood started to boil. I yelled something at them in my tiny little rage. I honestly cant even remember what. Who the fuck did they think they were? Maybe i’ll go gun their kids down. Then i’ll point my finger at them and laugh. It wasnt even our war. Don’t we learn from our mistakes. Feable minded Americans. Oh, the glory. Oh, the horror. One thing I thought incredibly interesting was that everytime we visually saw one of “our” people get killed there was always a shot from a helicoptor and you would see a field of bright green grass. No other shots even had a hue of green. Just an odd observation.

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After that we went to the Diner and split a beer and had salads and Matzoh Ball soup. We also talked about with one of our respective friends we would do. I wouldnt tell her which one of her friends I would do at first. For some reason I thought it was pretty evident. I eventually told her, but I am not really sure she believes me. Eh. Funny. Or is it.

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and the waterbugs attack the policemen

she was unhappy just as you wereYesterday may have been my most favorite day ever. My day however started pretty dull. I got up around noon and just sort of cleaned my room. I still have layers and layers to go. Then around 4pm me and the Pops went to Blimpie to get some foodage. Around 5pm I went over the Becca’s place to pick up her, Tony and Dee. Dee seemed a little out of place, but she was a nice person. She seemed like the person I would hang out in college with just to smoke herb with.

So our journey began to the Nissan Enormo Shed. We even put on Nothing’s Shocking. I sorta had an anxiety attack during Ted Just Admit It as I was actually going to see what could be called my favorite band ever. Granted it wouldnt be complete without Eric and would be almost as cool as a Jefferson Airplane reunion without Grace Slick. Or something like that. Reunions still kinda scare me. So we get there and I meet up with Tom N. to get me my photo pass. He was a really nice guy, however everyone at work seems to not like him. I cant see why. Then I get a call from Morgan, she says Christy needs a jacket. Hott Damn! I got the perfect jacket. It’s my 1980 Pontiac Trans Am black jacket. She totally could sport it!

So we all get in the place and just sorta hang around. I am still sorta in shock and dont realize what I am in for. We learn that we prolly will only meet Dave and perhaps we’ll meet Perry. It just didnt feel right. So we sorta dont do much until it’s time to meet them. Addy and his friends meet up with us and we take all the winners from the station contest to meet the band to the VIP section. We get down there and it turns out that the Capitol Records people (which was us) get to meet Dave (which i had done already weeks ago) and the Virgin people got to meet Perry. Luckily Morgan was tight with Frank at Capitol (yes, this makes no sense) and she got Becca, Ariana, and Christy in there. I give mad props to Morgan for doing that for Becca. It meant the world to her. And to me. It was funny, cos after it all she told me she said something about how Perry didnt like fruit, but in fact it was Steve who didnt like the fruit. Just like in the SOUL KISS movie. Too funny. Too cute. (Editors note: Mat got his sources crossed up and Becca was in fact talking to the right person, being Steve. Rock on with your booty and and jumping on the bed in a bikini.) It would destroy me. I probably could have gone too, but I had to run back to the van to meet up with Tom N. to be escorted to take the photos. It was a toss up. Meet Perry or take photos. I just didnt feel right about meeting Perry this time. The feeling wasnt perfect and it was too rushed. I will meet him someday in the future.

So i get there and I just sorta hang in front of the stage, and some of the fans start talking to me. It turns out they all are convinced I am the brother of the singer of that band LIVE. I was thoroughly amused by that for a good 5 minutes.

So after i did my shoot I went to the van to drop off my camera and it turns out I had the van key so a few co workers couldnt get their tickets. So we got their tickets and ran to the pit to enjoy the show. I went there with Jenny, Korinne and Christy. Korinne was just sorta confused most of the night thinking Perry was “high” and “weird.” I thought it was pretty funny. Jenny was a little more open minded. Perry was hot. Perry was classy. Perry is the best dancer. Perry gave words. Perry amused. My life was complete. The exotic dancers really took away from the show. It was pretty trashy at times. I was in my own little world though. I had the time of my life. But it didnt end then. I think I actually heard Christy sing during Jane Says. Interesting. Korinne wasnt.

There really is not much else I can say about the show. Words just cant do it. Classic Girl was amazing. Ted Just Admit it. Kettle Whistle was always a favorite of mine. Nothing will beat that version from 11-25-88 in Chicago. I still was disapointed that Eric wasnt there, Martyn luckily looked just like Eric so I just pretended it was Eric. So be it. But after the show we all headed out to the Diner. That was cool. It’s weird seeing Christy interact with my friends. Especially ones I’ve known for ever. But it didnt end there.

After we dropped off Tony and Dee and Christy drove home, Becca and I decided to go driving. We drove to the house where I grew up in until i was 10, in Gaithersburg. It was amazing. But we didnt just driver there. We went to Poolsville and Olney, i think among other places. We got to basically catch up with all the stuff we never go to say to each other for the past 7 years. We a lot of it had been said, but not really. I told her the complete Zut story which very few people know. I think it took like 60 minutes to tell. We talked a little about our problems with when we tried to date and our lack of communication. And that time we kissed after Purple Rain which i remember all too vividly. Becca’s soft lil’ kisses. I remember being very suprised by how good of a kisser she was from all she said about being inexperienced. She talked about herself when she was in the hospital. We also talked about our more recent sexual lives. Not that there is anything recent about my sexual life. But in the past few years, per se. Now that was just way fun talking about that stuff with her. So i think we drove around for like 3 or 4 hours or something, cos I finally got home around 5.45am. It was blissful. I wish I could do this more with her. I want to touch her booty right now. Hehe. I am lucky to have a friend like her.

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noell and zut...yup.Soundtrack of the day: The Who’s live at leeds, the Dirty Three’s ocean songs, Mogwai’s come on die young, God Speed You Black Emporer’s Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (over and over and over again, Pete Yorn’s Live at the Roxy.

Today was a cool day, i guess. I didnt really sleep in as much as needed, cos i had to drop my car off at the gas station to get fixed. It was leaking some funky stuff. So after that, I went to Tower cos I promised myself that I would get The Who’s live at leeds. And I did. And it’s wonderful. Then I went to work for a little bit to catch up on some junx that got missed throughout the week. Fun fun. we dont get fooled again

I sorta forget what happened then. But Becca showed up at my door and we headed to the 930 Club. It was kinda weird, cos she asked me how to get there. Just an odd observation. So originally I was going to go to dinner with Karin, but it turned out the show started at 6pm. So I had to bail on Karin. I felt bad, but Becca had to see Si Se. So we got there around 6.30 or so and got a beer and chilled in the basement part. I never really chilled there much but it was mega cool. Then Si Se came on. I was pretty apprehensive as I am with many bands that i hear of 2nd hand. But in fact I was very blown away with them. Mega awesome vocals. I wanted to just touch her belly all day. And the percussion dude was splendid. What’s up with them anyways? They get all the toys. Lucky sons of bitches. So that was that. I am definately going to have to buy the CD. It was that good. Then after their set, the singer was on the side of the stage and Becca transformed in to “THAT GIRL” – It was really cute and she got the singers autograph and the singer gave Becca a hug. I think the singer really liked it. It was pretty nifty. Then David Byrne came on. I’ve meant to see him for ages. I remember when all my friends from college in TN went to see him in Nashville, and I didnt go. They talked about the show for weeks after it. I kicked myself for not going. So i finally got to see it. He even played two Talking Heads songs. That made my night. …and the days go by – We didnt stay for the whole time, cos I got pretty hungry. I got enough though.

We then went to the Tastee diner. There were these really annoying little boys to the left of us. They talked a lot about DSL. I wanted to punch them. I should have. Nice goatee, asshole! I cant believe I ever had a goatee. They are pretty silly. After that we kinda took the long way back and listened to a lot of TOOL. Then I drove to GOD SPEED YOU BLACK EMPOROR for the whole 2 disc set. It was mega relaxing. I really needed it. Time for bed, i am exhausted.