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Freak Scene Just Can’t Believe Us

Last night was Dinosaur Jr. As crowded as it was, I found Candy and Al in the craziness of 9:30 Club. Al was right there as soon as I got my beer stamp walking through the lobby. Like pennies from heaven, or something. Then we found Candy. It was nice to see them both. Al’s review pretty much summed up my sentiments sans all the stuff about the reissues.

However, it was quite the blast from the past.

Many of nights were spent listening to Bug and Green Mind over at Jessie Belle’s house. Man o’ man. High School was forever ago.

It was my sophomore year in high school. I was taking some basic art class like Enid in Ghost World. Ms. Yin was my teacher. She was kinda like the receptionist at Dr. Bupernex’s office in Gift. Some cute girl in that class that sat at my table and smoked pot said this band she knew of sounded like Jane’s Addiction. Dinosaur Jr. was the name. Man my water colors were awful. Turned out there was this great song called Green Mind at the end of the record. It was also the title of the album. I fell in love with the acoustic guitars that bled over the distorted guitars in the chorus. And the music. And the music. And the music. It was 1992.