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three favorite activities

thanks jessica for the postcard!Soundtrack of the day: 2 Skinnee J’s, Stevie Wonder, Regurgitator (thanks Kate), Beach Boys, Counting Crows, Jimi Hendrix, u2 and some Lake Trout CD the label sent me.

Today at work two peeps came over to my desk saying that they heard (and dug) my CD on MP3 dot com. (FYI: http://www.mp3.com/themons) That shit totally fucking made my day! Then we got in to talking all about keyboards and computers and electronic music. It was cool. It was all geeky, like in high school when you meet someone new. There were lots of “ya’ know…” It was funny because I have seen these people around work all the time but we rarely chat. Who knows…once I quit, I’ll prolly never see them again. Oh well.

Tonight was a typical Thursday night. I watched Millionaires and then I watched a movie. Tonite I watched “Loser.” It was mega-cute and made me realize how much damn fun I had in college. Regardless, I recommend all people should try college. I hear, at least from Addy, that they have lots of three-ways there. I never had one in college. But supposedly you get them there! But wait! It’s a scam. Because Addy never went to college! Don’t tell AOL! It all comes down to music taste and my taste so supersedes his, therefore I rock and I salute you, Addy. Nice haircut!

Tomorrow is the “Friday Before Christmas,” so it’s a half day at work. Since more than 85% of the people are probably not going in anyways, I decided to “Work from Home” tomorrow. Basically that means I get to work from home for a half day and I get paid for a full day. As John Cougar (Mellancamp) once said, “Ain’t that America?”

In other news, I have found out what my three favorite activities are, besides music, kissing, eating and sleeping. These things are:

1) Diners
2) Used Record Stores
3) Thrift Shops

What more could a semi-suburban man want?

autopsy of the devil’s brain

mat says fuck offSoundtrack of the day: Led Zeppelin Box Sex I, Flaming Lips’ hit to death in the future head, Elvis Costello’s my aim is true, Bob Mould’s black sheets of rain, The Sea and Cake’s s/t, & The Wallflowers’ bringing down the horse.

Today has been dubbed Led Zeppelin Day. Not sure why. It’s that time of the year to re-hash (no pun intended) old music that really rocks. Yes, it is from the 70s. But a lot of it was from the late 60s. So there! I still love me some Bonham. Oh wait, I forgot, aren’t drummers “a dime a dozen.” Oh yeah, and so are bassists. Oh well, Bonham sucks man. Don’t believe the hype.

I am also looking for a new job. I am so incredibly sick of the internet/web development/design gigs. It’s so incredibly trendy and really is such a transient “slap bracelet” field. I don’t dig it at all. Even the designer people bug me. Not as much as accountants or those drama/acting people from high school who listened to a few too many They Might Be Giants records, but still. Icky. They are all so silly and take it a little too seriously. I want to work for a record label, so I can pretend to be pretentious there. Oh wait, I am pretentious. Dammit. If anyone is reading this who works at a record label, please contact me. My email is m at olympus-mons dot com. I want to work with you! I got the skills to pay the bills. However if you say “network” or “html” or “will those colors blend with the web graphics interface” or “100k” or “let’s put a javascript on that one” or “do you know flash?” I will hunt you down and eat you for breakfast.

My friend Awapy is back home in MD. She goes to school in Miami. It’s weird still having friends in school. I mean I just graduated, less than a year ago, but still. All the people I work with graduated years ago and all the people I hang out with are much older than me. Wait. I don’t hang out with anyone. Scratch that. Regardless I get to hang with Awapy this weekend. Looking forward to that. Hopefully her luv connection will happen in a good way. Crossing fingers and toez.

Things I like

  1. Led Zeppelin
  2. Chocolate
  3. Good bridges in songs
  4. GI Joe
  5. Clean Glasses
  6. Tasty Desert Trays
  7. When Jessica hiccups
  8. Driving
  9. Transient Harmonic Distortion
  10. Hats
  11. Boxers

Things I don’t like

1. Upset tummies
2. People who don’t take care of their vinyl or CDs
3. People who don’t get it
4. People who don’t see the importance of vinyl
5. Wanna-be actors
6. People
7. That bitter windy cold
8. Kristen stressing about anything
9. Kvetching

life on the moon

circa 1971Soundtrack of the day: Bob Mould’s bob mould, New Order’s substance, June of 44’s four great points, Swervedriver’s, mezcal head, Can’s anthology, Mouse on Mars’ nuin niggung, & Flying Saucer Attack’s newlands.

It’s *really* busy at work here, so I decided to make a post. All is cool here. Just not too much going on. It should be much colder now, be it almost December. I wish it would snow. SNOW GODDAMMIT!!! I love the snow. I love how your hands get so cold they feel like they are burning. I love making snow angels. I love snowball fights. I love the afro topping of snow on the grill outside on the deck! Anyways…someone, for the love of god, make it snow.

In other news. I will be going to NYC again in two weeks. I also just found out that UV Ray (drummer and bassist from Soul Coughing, and some other peeps) will be playing that weekend I will be up there. I have come to the conclusion, that they have conspired to find out my schedule and always play NYC when I plan on coming. It has to be. Also why the hell did Soul Coughing play MTSU, in Murfreesboro, TN (my *cough* alma mater) back in the fall of 1998, when they could have played a semi-dope venue in Nashvegas? Seems fishy to me!! Heh.

Sometimes at work when bored I get to read the DiscoveryHealth.com’s user comments…this one i thought was really funny:

“valerie” on 11/24/2000 02:14:57 PM
To: Comments@discoveryhealth.com
cc: (bcc: Health Comments)
Subject: Life on the moon

Maybe it sounds radical or crazy, but why can’t we put all of earth’s
prisoners on the moon to build our new world there? Wouldn’t that free of billions of dollars here on earth? We sure wouldn’t have to pay them much and WHERE are they going to escape to?

Valerie Johnson
she has a point? But really, she is an idiot. Shouldn’t the good people get to live and build on Mars? It’s a wonderful place to live, let me tell you…