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otherwise my pee would just dribble and splatter out

it's the griff (7k image)I‘ve been doing this one band’s website since when they were actually a band and doing quite well. I secured a domain a few years ago for it, and have since been using it. I am now trying to switch whois information and it’s driving me crazy as well as changing my registrar for the domain. I am so fed up with fucking emails going back and forth. Fucking get it together. I am almost fed up with it that I am just about ready to pull the plug, but I already renewed the domain for another year. So I guess I will try again. But this is the last year. Who the fuck cares anymore. I sure dont.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I actually have a Valentine. What the fuck is up with this holiday anyways? Who cares. I am telling you Hallmark has a tie with the deforestation of the world, so fuck them too. And Emily is coming over tomorrow. Yah!

In other news I am incredibly sore. My hips, thighs and back are still in pain. I guess it’s cos I ski-ed way longer than I had ever done before. It’s good and it was killer good fun, but I am sure paying now.

Nothing else is really going on in my life. The weekend is almost here. I am very excited we get off to Presidents Day on Monday. I completely had no clue that it was here already. Go Presidents. Did Regan do something good? Hmmm…

Friday night Emily and me are going to some African Dance dealy. It sounds incredibly interesting and can’t wait to go. I think that’s Friday. Then on Saturday I am doing the nudie shoot with Brea, I presume and on Saturday night one of Emily’s friends is “spinning records” at some place in Baltimore and I am getting dragged there. She said it will help her get on the “in” for her Art Show with Brea, so I guess it’s ok, but still. Ugh. That “record spinning” shit drives me nuts. Beat-matching. Etc. Dude, it’s an art. To each their own. But who knows maybe the DJs will be doing something interesting and innovative. Some how I highly doubt it. But if it’s good for Emily, i guess i can hold my breath for a bit. Sunday is up in the air. Maybe church. Maybe some book burnings. Maybe we can torture some pro-lifers. Hmmmm. And Monday i have off. I am loving me these three day weekends!

Maybe I should be come a DJ. I would be called DJ Matt.

And dont get me wrong, I really do like artists who “DJ”. There are just so few interesting DJ’s. Yes, DJ’s can be innovating and try new things, but dammed if i’ve seen that many. Just like in college when there were too many guitarists. You know what I am talking about. Yeah, that 311 song is great. Yup, you can play the new Incubus song. Good for you. So anyways…I do like and respect many of of DJ’s. I will name a few to prove my lack of ignorance. And cos I love lists:

Mat’s Top 10 List of Favorite DJs (in no particular order)
Afrika Bambaataa
DJ Spooky
Derrick May
Christian Marclay
DJ Shadow
DJ Hurricane
DJ Moe Love
Terminator X
Jam Master Jay
DJ Jazzy Jeff (come on, you gotta love Jeff, even Doughty once gave him props)