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can i have the link for the anal kris kross?

i get no poontang - fuckingdorks (16k image)I never understood dungeon’s and dragons or those mock-renaissance festivals. It just didnt make sense to me. It’s called living in reality. And these morons I guess cant handle reality so they had to create this parallel universe in the 16th century where they are in some other place and fight each other with padded swords and shit. And they feel better about themselves?! What fucking pussies! If they wanna live the life and be fucking über-dorks who have chain male and shit, why the fuck cant they use real swords and daggers and fight like real super supreme dorks from the 13th Century. Then at least in the end they will all kill their pitiful selves and there will only be one left for me to make more fun of. God those people make me look way cool. And that’s bad. I do not understand you people. I do not care to understand you people. You people make me sick. You people need to find a hobby that takes place in this century. You people smell like moldy converse chucks.


Tonight i’m making cookies with Emily and hopefully Daniel. Yummy cookies! Then I think we might hit a movie or something. Thank goodness we get out early from work today, cos i am dying to get out of here… Getting my passport most like isnt going to happen today. Maybe next week. It’s so nice i dont have to be back here until Monday however. I love it. And tomorrow is Thanksgiving with the fam and general extended family. My brother-in-law’s brother-in-law is coming over with their new baby.