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i promise not to say another word on this subject

dope nose is the best song ever and i do know the sister of the best friend of the drummer from pavement...i fuck you not, in fact i will be living with her...so lick it...ha! ------- adrock (7k image)Today on the way home from work, i heard the skreech. You know the one. The one you hear in anticipation of the big car crash. Well i finally heard that crash. It was so satisfying. Almost as satisfying as saying the word “CONTAINER” – It just rolls. I hope it was some yuppie fuck coming back from Fresh Fields in their new Mercedes. Ha! And next time i will have my MiniDisc recorder ready.

Tonight Mom brought back stuff from Fresh Fields for our weekly dinner. Yum…those $4.99 anything you want in a sandwhich is the bomb ass digity. And she bought be Chocolate Soymilk. Cos I had been talking about how much i’d been drinking over at Emily’s place. My god. My Mother rules. And she seems to like those same chips that Emily likes so much. Weird.

i would just like to display my utter disgust with adam wayne lehman

Then after dinner I went to the Giant to get my new prescription filled for Clarinex. Yum. And some jolted 16 year old told me to come back after 25 mins. So i went to the video store to get some videos for when Emily comes over later. I then got a call from her and she cathartically complained about her mother for 20 minutes. Her problems with her mother are the same as with my mother and her father. It’s uncanny. The stubborn-ness factor is sick. So i got some movies (Queer as Folk vol 1 & The Time Machine) and the popcorn we both love. It’s that Blockbuster popcorn that comes in the tub. It’s soooo good. And it’s microwavable which i hate. So after Blockbuster i went back to Giant to pick up my meds from that disaffected youth and waited another 20 mins. Yeah, didnt you say 25 mins? Fuck you. But while I was waiting I saw that girl from high school who had the kid. She looked really cute walking in there with her mother and her Nike shows and flared jeans. Makes me feel ok for living with my rents so long. Eh. What am i talking about, i have no quams with it. Anyways…So i got my meds and came come to find Mrs. Zalcman there talking with the Moms. So we chatted for a bit. And I told her to give Emily a hard time at her first Sedar next week. Or something.

why the fuck does dictionary.com sometimes never work

So the woman (mad MILF) I have a big crush on was talking with me and Laura about when we move in together. It turns out she lives in same neighborhood and has a dog that needs walking for when the husband goes on vacation. Yup yup! I get to be that guy. Heh. And she couldnt stop talking about my new hair cut. Everyone also thought I took yesterday off to get a haircut. I think that is funny. And I had no problem telling them I took a Mental Health Day. We all need more of those.

And yes, i got to use my RADISH trivia when we listened to the new Ben Kweller at the Music Director’s weekly listening party. The Program Director was either impressed or disgusted. I think a little of both. To my benefit I will never know.

What is an Emufella?
25% :: Generic Lactase Enzyme
21.4% :: Type of salami
17.8% :: Jesus’ piss smell
14.2% :: Virus
10.7% :: A genetic predisposition
10.7% :: 101001101
0% :: Teddy Bear