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bobgreene (17k image)This weekend was a weird weekend…i still dont feel like can ever relax. Although the last time i felt this was the week before at Trans Am. It was nice. Friday night Emily went out with her co-workers for a birthday party celebration, so i hung out with Laura and we watched a lot of TV. I think i did a little gardening as well. Emily decided to take the metro out to my neck of the woods that night so we could get to Elliot’s part easily on Saturday. But of course with Emily’s keen sense of time she was 2 and a half hours late. It’s ok. No biggie. I did get a lot of stuff done meanwhile. I spent a lot of time in the studio doing some mad good work on a new song. After i picked up Emily, I cleaned my room a bit and she talked about how buying a house is hardly freedom. Blah blah. I really dont think she completely understands the fact that people dont all think like her and not everyone needs to see different countries or “travel” nor wants to see every country in the world. But this is all old news. With all things considered, this is the only thing we’ve ever really disagreed about, so with that said, that’s not too shabby. I’ll prolly just have to go on some trips with her from time to time. Which i am sure will be fun. As long as i have a dog i will be happy with her. She rocks my world and doesnt do her drug deals at my friend’s restaurant. So that my friend, is a perfect woman. Tell that to the shrink.

Saturday was Elliot’s wedding party for the peeps in the area who didnt go to his wedding in St. Johns. I made him an 8×10 of Dave Pirner as that’s his favorite band (Soul Asylum). I also enlarged a 5×7 digital print of himself with Dave. They both turned out way better than planned. We also got them a gift certificate to Crate and Barrell. I know, super generic. But arent registries typicall pretty fucking boring. Anyways…It was at Olive’s. It was a lot of DC101 people, some washed up MTV personalities (arent they all?! except Sir Loder), a few Washington Capitols and the people who were unrecognizable were Elliot’s wife’s friends. It was a lot of schmoozing. One thing i dont really like doing on a regular basis. Emily, Chris (a sales person at DC101) and myself all sat down and talked about politics for an hour or so. It’s funny how Emily is always suprised talking with Southerners and how they can actually think progressive thoughts. Sure, a lot arent. Eh. It’s just funny to me. I didnt really eat much there as the food was really heavy. But what i ate was really good. As we left and said our congrats to Elliot and Jacquie, Elliot gave me a hug goodbye! And i think Jacquie gave Emily a hug. Pretty fucking bizzare. I mean we’re co-workers and all, but nothing more. The things intoxication will make people do. Uncanny.

After taking 13th Street (our newest favorite road) back to Takoma Park we headed to the eye doctor. Emily needed a new perscription for her glasses. So now she’s unblind. After that, we both made our separate ways (not in the likes of Bret and C.C. however). I went home to clean up my place for when my rents would come over on Sunday to help me take control over my bushes and garden.

So Sunday was 3 hours of pure unadulterated gardening in the hot sweltering sun. Me and the father did the bug killing and then moms and myself trimmed all the bushes with the hedge clippers. It was also mad fucking hot that day so i was constantly running back and forth getting water and lemonaide. Outside of the hot factor I had a really good time. It’s something outside that i really do enjoy a lot. I met my next door neighbor as well. They are really nice and we talked about house-y type things and i played with their gold retreiver for a bit. Tummy tubs! After we were done with that, i followed my rents back to their house and i installed some more RAM for the father. Then i spent the next hour printing 8x10s of digital pictures i’ve taken in the last 2 years. Mainly concert shots. Then i called Laura cos i was running late for dinner, but she was in the hot tub, so it was ok. We met up and had dinner at Baja Fresh. I was really nice too cos i usually go there with work people and they are always in a rush so i have to scarf the food down and i always end up getting ill. But not this time. We also walked around and looked in the boutique stores they have in Kentlands. I lot looking very cool. So after dinner we went to Lowes to get some ant killer (ant spray, ants pray) and weed killer. The cashier’s name was Francine. That’s my mother’s name. Then we went to Giant to get all our groceries. We even made a list prior. Woo!

Now it’s Monday and it’s time to be overworked and underpaid! Sell it to the butcher in the store.

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33.3% warrant
33.3% ratt
16.6% firehouse
16.6% dokken
00.0% la guns