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Back In Pink

We got back from our mini-vacation Saturday. Emily said she really felt like she just came back from a vacation. I think I did, too. But I also had to be reminded of it, so I don’t think it was the same vacation for me as it was for her. But regardless it was amazing. We did the math and figured out of the five places we stayed, we were in no place longer than 3 nights. 3 nights in Rye, NY. We [heart] Hiltons. 3 nights in Manhattan. We [heart] pretending to live in midtown and Tribeca is our new jam. But Bubby’s, you don’t accept AmEx?! Bobby would be very unhappy with you. Three nights in Western Maryland. We [heart] marrying our two good friends. What an unforgettable experience. 3 nights in OC with Em’s mom and boyfriend. We [heart] OC. One can never window shop for air-brushed t-shirts enough on the boardwalk. And 3 nights in Duck, NC with the in-laws in a 10 bedroom hizzouse on the Atlantic Ocean. OBX is the new (and closer) Cape Cod. I can dig it.

I tell you, vacations with Emily are perfection. I am the driver and Emily is the navigator. Who needs a GPS when you have Emily and a good U.S. map?! We make the best team ever. And Lily is definitely our co-pilot these days. She did, for the most part, wonderfully the whole trip through. She’s incredible. It’s amazing how many states she’s already been to. More than I had been to when I started college. MD. PA. NY. NJ. OH. VA. WV. NC. That’s almost 20%. And did I mention she’s 3 months?! Holy crap.

And today, I decided to check how my site rendered in IE. I sort of apologize for not really checking. Well. Er. Not really. I actually thought to ask a few friends to double check it. But after looking at my iChat list, few of my friends even have PC’s anymore. It’s a great state of affairs, but sure makes it hard to cross-check for the 51% of my visitors who still use IE, not to mention a Windows-based machine. Um. Remind me again why people still use IE? For drizzle.

The Next Great Wedding

After we got married almost 2 years ago, I said to Emily how awesome it would have been to have been a fly on the wall at our wedding. A guest. Last night we got that opportunity at Eric and Erika’s wedding. This time on the other side of where we got married, on the western most part of Maryland. It was tremendous. A 3 day party of friends and family and mega love. Mega love!We also had the privilege of officiating their wedding. It was an experience that can not be explained in words. Perhaps only second best to being married. It was truly a remarkable and moving day. We were so honored they chose us to perform it with them. And we’re so happy it went over without a hitch! 

Eric & Erika’s Wedding Lily In Cabin Playing With Mat

We’re Reverends

In preparation for marrying our friends Eric and Erika this fall, Emily and I were just legally ordained as Ministers of the Universal Life Chuch.

That’s right. No more “Mr.” and “Ms.” It’s Reverend for both of us. Please update your address books accordingly.