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doughty - like that maniacs song, but past tense...(11k image)Mat’s Top 5 Dream Jobs.

01 :: Professional Music Researcher. It’s always been my #1 love. More so than anything else I’ve ever been in to. It’s sick almost. It could be a disease or an obsession. OCD?! I constantly need to learn more about different music and how the styles originate and morph. It’s uncanny how much is out there. From Djibouti’s marches to Ghana’s postal workers stamping to Gamalan to whatever. It is all equally interesting and i wish someday to get some more college in and at least take classes in Ethnomusicology and/or get a Masters in it. Actually, i don’t even know if u can get a Masters in it. But I’d at least get a Bachelors. Then maybe teach or something. I could teach about the Blues. And of course that would also include scoring soundtracks on the side in my private studio in rural Massachusetts. Cos it’s number one!

02 :: Concert Photographer. I’d love to actually work with a label on this or actually shoot for a specific band on a tour. That would just be badass. I miss the road. I miss staying in shitty hotels and eating shitty food and pepto. Nothing is better than the pink stuff! And planning the soundtrack for the road. That is the best joy. The 10 minutes before you leave and picking out all the CDs you will listen to for the next thousand hours! Dont listen to what the media has to say. Blues is Number one!

03 :: Teacher. I’ve always loved kids. Maybe because i always wanna be 6, forever. I always wanna play with tinker toys…I mean who doesn’t?! I’d love to teach music or photography to kids as well. Maybe math. Hell it is my nickname. Get them listening to Phillip Glass and Zappa at an early age would produce very productive kids. Then maybe the kids wouldn’t kill each other in middle school. Sleater Kinney, Subsonics, RL Burnside, DUB NARCOTIC!

04 :: Professional People Watcher. Who doesn’t love watching people? They are stupid people out there. Yup! It’s the truth! So watching them would rock. Like people who use their cell phones in public places. Yes your are that important. People who get a big booger while sitting at a red light. People who are just plain ugly. People who look like the girls in the back of Glamour Magazine. People who are lost. You get the idea. And I would of course documenting this with a shitty camera. Groove is in the heart.

05 :: Radio Program Director. Sure I’d be wonderful, provided i had 100% control over the playlist. Similar to college radio. I wouldn’t just play the hits. I’d play good music. Commercial free. Heavy emphasis on “commercial.” Everyone wants to be a DJ and i am everyone. Of course my DJ name would be DJ Bootious Maximus. Or something like that. Actually, i take that back. Or I’d give it a tie with being a full time electronics guru. I’d make shit all day. I’d prolly become a crack head though from all the solder fumes. But it would be a fun time. going a rub-a-dub…