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Lily And Her Nuclear Zucchini

Like many parents, we’ve decided to make food for Lily. It’s fairy simple (and cost effective) to buy fruits and veges (we’re buying already) and puree or chop them up ourselves. Yeah, I know those little jars are cute and fun to put stuff in them later, but we have canning jars for that, I think. And yes, we do can. And no, we’re not 80.

Thus far, Lily has had:

  • Sweet Potato
  • Banana
  • Oatmeal (with boob milk)
  • Rice Cereal (with boob milk)
  • And today, she had zucchini (see below)

Lily with her nuclear zucchini

Pureed Zucchini

Yes, it’s true she wears more food than she eats, but still it’s always a learning process. Speaking of learning, we’d found that sweet potato in is the same as sweet potato out.

Emily seems to have better luck with the feeding process, in general. But today, I gave Lily zucchini. It went over well. Perhaps because Emily was upstairs. So, I steamed it gently, for 2-3 minutes. Then I pureed it in our mini-Cuisinart. The trick was actually steaming a second batch. It seems one needs a critical mass for the Cuisinart to function correctly.

Thanks god (or Perry) for Carl Sontheimer.

Chocolate and Nuts?

My coworker just came in and my other coworker just offered him some chocolate and he noticed there were nuts in it and he said to her, “Chocolate and nuts. Hmmmm. That’s not really how god intended it to be.” Of course it’s much more funny with his Minnesota accent.

Regardless, I can so relate to him on many levels.