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Liberal Dog Sleep

So it’s just about 7.35am on Saturday morning.

I am writing this from our “Vacation Home.” That is, my Father and Mother In-Law’s place in Baltimore. Bodymore?

There is nothing better than our vacation home. Cable Television. Central Air. Lots of good organic food. Dogs. And quiet. Not to mention hours of good Bob/Nan-talk.

Yes, I should be sleeping, but I seem to wake up at 7am on the weekends as my body clock says, “Hey doooode, you were supposed to get up almost 30 minutes ago, bitch. Get your ass up and start working for the man.”

But I’ve already been out to walk the Frankie and she’s sound asleep again on the pull-out bed. I wish I could sleep that liberally.

PS. This would have been bad ass to see last night in New York:

Prince and Maceo Parker - New York - 1prince.jpg
Prince Suprise guest at NY Maceo Parker show

In Funk We Trust

Did anyone see Prince on SNL? Man, he’s such an underrated guitarist. Amazing it took until Purple Rain for people to realize he could play guitar. Like there was no guitar on Prince. Damn remedial critics need a friggin’ guitar solo to realize how talented someone is. Love it. It was cool seeing him on SNL, but I was less than impressed. What’s up with the lame sometimes-singers/dancers? I was ready for MC Hammer to come out! And I think he needs Sheila E. back on drums and/or perhaps some other’s from the NPG. Asking for the Revolution to come back would clearly be asking too much. (As much as we always hear of the rumors.) Anyways. I am looking forward to this record, but am a little skeptical after hearing the 2nd tune from SNL. His work has been on shaky ground for the past 10+ years, but as of late has become more consistent, so we’ll see.

In other news we stayed at my ‘rents house on Saturday night because our contractor was moving the water heater and the boiler to the garage so we’ll have more room in the Studio. Yay! It’s so nice relaxing all day at someone else’s house (not to mention your Parent’s) and not having to be anywhere or be confined to a schedule. Not to mention an abundance of free flowing Mandel Bread (our family recipe calls for semi-sweet chocolate chips too) and Rice Krispie treats w/ M&Ms. Yum. And Frankie was great. We had no problems and she did well with the walks I continuously took her on. And we watched the Breakfast Club on CABLE TELEVISION! Oh and we also watched the Super Bowl. At least the first hour or so and we all rated the commercials, or rather my Father did and shortly provoked us to join in. He’s a funny guy! And my Father is beside himself because Bob got him tickets to see Maryland take on Duke. My Father is a huge Maryland fan (his alma mater) and it appeared that these tickets were pretty hard to come by, so needless to say, my Dad is happy.

And goodbye Betty Friedan and Coretta Scott King. You will both be missed.

PS. Happy 30th, Catherine. We have gifts for you!

Sunken-Eyed Girl

I just gave Frankie a bone and she’s pacing, literally, back and forth, from just underneath my stool to the bathroom trying to find the ideal spot to bury it. It’s fascinating.

In addition, on the way home from driving Emily back home from work we discussed what Emily and David O. discussed on New Year’s Eve. On how we are going to create a product or improve on an already existing product and make millions and then do what we really want to in life. It’s the perfect equation: David does the programming. Emily does the design. And Catherine and I do the marketing. And if it involves the music, I gots the Music Business background. It’s perfection. Now we just need the idea…

Why is Bush so Awesome?