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Our Long President’s Day Weekend

I just want to let you know it’s freaking animal farm here at our house. Right now I am in the Red Room. Lulu is on the green chair. Mulligan is meowing and pawing at my thigh and Frankie is at my feet. We need a rhino now. It would make things complete.

So the long weekend. A four day weekend is badass. I get every other Friday off now with my compressed schedule with the Government. It’s nice. So much shit to do.

Friday we went to Home Depot. After about 30 minutes of trying to order a hot water heater and getting pissed off to no end we decided to say screw it and just order the stuff for the studio. Drywall, insulation, nails, 2x4s, etc. That turned out to be a headache and a half. It’s not even worth getting in to. Then that was even more of a hassle. We did get a cordless drill, a recipricating saw, a circular saw and a table miter saw. But we’ll never set foot in a Home Depot again. Local hardware stores is where it’s at. We are however ready to start building. We just need some more supplies. And our local trusty hardware store just down the street will help us out. And Friday night we hit up our friend’s restaurant, Sputnik.

Saturday was spent at Nan and Bob’s in Baltimore. Frankie came too because Tibbs was at Puppy Camp. We bought Nan a computer because she is still recovering from her surgery and will be home-bound for a few more weeks and we brought that to her and set it all up. She was completed suprised. Which was good, because it’s so hard to keep secrets. We also needed to watch Season 1 and 2 of Seinfeld on DVD and we cooked dinner with Kris. Good fun times are always had with Kris.

Sunday was spent watching more Seinfeld and laying on the pull out. It’s always the best and most relaxing time hanging out over there. For dinner we went to Gaithersburg to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

Today we went to Frederick to decorate Lance’s place. Emily bought a ton of stuff for him at Target. Some killer good stuff and came in at $75 below his budget! Woo! His place is looking better and better. And after that we drove to Edgewater, MD to meet with our wedding caterer. We gave him a deposit. Things are coming through and it’s finally coming together amazingly. Our way. Maybe next weekend I wont drive anywhere.

Later this week hopefully me and Emily and David and Sarah go to the Kennedy Center to see Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.

nicky hilton wants out – frankie wants in

So Frankie made it through the night without whining and barking for us. She did whine a lot before we all fell asleep last night, but it was nice to get a full night worth of sleep with no early wake-ups.

Yeah Frankie! I love that dogs can learn to do things. It’s amazing. It’s only been two days, but I can tell the training and learning process is going to be so rewarding.

Last night Becca and Gordon came over to meet Frankie. Of course we find out that Frankie has some serious gas and of course we end up in a small room with 4 people in it. After they left we started watching the 2nd part of Angels in America. It’s really good and Frankie napped with us and it was really cute when she wasn’t farting.

Anways… Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. You all rule.

RIP John Peel. A sad day in the history of music and broadcast.

frankie should lip sync like ashlee simpson on snl

So we made it through the night.

We went to bed around 11pm. Frankie howled and cried and barked for about 15 minutes until she tired. Then she finally fell asleep.

Around 5am, she got restless and woke up and started the barking again. I guess she gets lonely in the crate all alone there in the yellow room. So I went in there and slept on the couch next to Frankie, to keep Emily’s sanity and to calm Frankie down. That seemed to mellow her out. And Emily seemed to be well rested for day one of Frankie, so that was a good thing and I am proud and thankful of Emily for taking care of Frankie all Sunday while I had rehearsal…

This morning I woke up at 7ish after Emily jiggled me up. I took Frankie out and walked around the block. She makes funny noises too, like “oink” sounds and snorts and whatnot. It’s kinda cute. So she peed twice. Because once was not enough. She pooped like soft serve ice cream. It was kinda icky, but I am sure it’s just her nerves and it will get better. It’s weird how she pooped, because she hasn’t eaten much at all… And for that matter, she hasn’t had that much water either. Where is is coming from?!

Poop is a wild wild thing.