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signals from sheffield’s underground

coolssq (13k image)I dont know what is going on in my life lately but i think i am getting PMS. I have uncontrollable urges, variable irritability, hot flashes, stomach pains & cramps and pooh-ey-ness. I know it’s not readily documented, but i know it happens. Definately not in any traditional “cycle”, but i am going to start keeping track of it, cos there may be a pattern.

In other news, this is my week off and they call it a “vacation”. It’s the furthest thing from a vacation. I’ve been driving around in the sweltering heat running errands and cleaning up my old room and basement. It is cool quality time for me and my Mother, but it would be nice to be at a beach or in a hot tub. I did go to our pool today to get my ID card and had minimal problems getting the membership. Apparently people in Kentlands cant distinguish a 2 from a 3. They thought i was living in the house until July 15 2002. But in fact the letter she was reading right there read July 15, 2003. Fucking idiots. But i did get my photo taken and my card will be ready in 24 hours. Apparently in the world of Kentlands a Polaroid takes 24 hours to develop!

Last night was Fugazi. Me, Al, and Emily didnt stay very long. I think we saw half the show and left. It was fucking hot, the show wasnt super good and it didnt rain. Seems it rains every since time i’ve seen them. So perhaps the lack of rain was why they werent on par. It also is more about the mecca there and the gathering of all the people than the actual show. Just icing on the cake. I do feel the love and i feel good. And tonight I hung out with Becca. I dont know what it is about her, but she is quite the sedative. I can be totally strung out and totally stressed out but after just talking with her for 10 or 15 minutes my blood pressure is back to normal and i feel wonderful. She has wonderful effects on people, despite what those children say about her on their silly livejournals.

Hopefully tomorrow i’ll get to hang with Buddy and do more house-y stuff. Then tomorrow night is Andreas’ big date me and Laura are helping him with. Then some where in there we’ll be pool-ing it! Woooo!

P.S. Funny Soul Coughing Underground comment::
a few months back, i started listening to soul coughing and soon enough they became perhaps my favorite band. a few weeks after that, i met a girl. very beautiful girl that only seemed mildly interested. we started talking, and lo and behold, one of her favorite bands was soul coughing.

long story short (cause it’s been long enough)…soul coughing got me laid.

P.P.S. What is up with Feetnik’s phones all not working?!