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EMI & Apple partner on DRM-free premium music

Did anyone ready this article yet: EMI, Apple partner on DRM-free premium music

I have to admit this is the small step that iTunes needed to make. The step that eMusic has been using for years. eMusic offers high quality MP3s and DRM-free downloads. eMusic is, however, the 2nd largest online music store. Second only to iTunes. So iTunes sets the standards, I reckon.

I am, once again, excited about the future of music. The rest of the labels need to get on the wagon. DRM-free is the wave of the future. And it’s definitely on the horizon.

Above and beyond that is higher quality bit rates will be available late this year on iTunes for $1.29 a song at 256kbps in the AAC format. Right now it’s $0.99 for a 128kbps AAC. 256kbps is really nice. A great step up.

Just think, one might be able to listen on a decent stereo system and rarely be able to tell the difference! (I know David, we can download jazz from iTunes, if we want!!) It’s still a compromise, but it’s a heck of an improvement and it’s something I can still get behind.

Thanks Thud, for the link.