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scott thompson is god - and he's a canadian - (10k image)Last night I saw KIDS IN THE HALL at the Constitution Hall. It was my first time there and i was quite impressed. I only knew that Tori Amos used to play there. So anyways. Before we went there we went to this Mexican restaurant. It was really good and we got Payaya or something like that. But it sucked cos we got double charged for it or something or the menu was all wacked. So that kinda sucked. And reinforced the idea that i decided a week ago about not going out to eat much at all for this quarter. I think I am just gonna leave my credit card at home now. Money is the root of all evil. And it smells bad. So yeah, the show was great. I was waxing nostalgia all night. Vivid memories of Gabe and his worship of Gay Canadian humor is the best. I’ve never seen someone who wanted to be so gay and so Canadian at the same time. I miss my Gabe. And his love for Scott Tompson. And the Kids in the Hall made fun of American’s with their damn excessive use of the flag. I am almost ready to put an Afghanistan flag on my car. Almost. Damn was that skit funny.

So tonight i am gonna finish up my taxes with the Pops. I was supposed to get dinner with Laura. But i had to bail cos of the tax deal. It’s weird, since she’s left Lara has seen her twice and I havent seen her at all. Pooh. I think we’re gonna see each other on Sunday or Monday. Or maybe Tuesday to watch the Osbournes, too. But I gotta make sure my writeoffs for my label are done correctly. And i talked to my sister’s soon-to-be husband, cos he’s a tax dude accountant and he said all my writeoffs were legit. So if it all works out i’ll get back over $1,000. Plus the $700 for my Federal junx. Woooo! Extra cash. I think i am not gonna buy a new camera or car, but save it this time. Speaking of saving, i am excited that the ROTH IRA fund that i’ve been doing for two years now is going to extend their limit to $3,000 for next year. And $4,000 the year after. I am gonna live it up in my retirement. Like Mark said, i think i am just gonna sit on my porch and do a lot of drugs. Or something. And next year I am gonna file my taxes online. I was just excited i am going to get my return done direct deposit. That rules. And we’re doing a Jimmy Eat World show at 930 Club. Fucking ay. Speaking of shows, mad props to Elle for accepting my invitation to Willie Nelson @ WMZQ Fest. It’s gonna be a great show. At least for Willie. No clue who else is playing. It really doesnt even matter. Maybe we’ll get backstage and get to smoke a joint with him. It’s no Ben Folds Five. But it’s still Willie.

Oh and the new guy started. “Yes!” is all i can say!

elliot was like, no one from z100 would ever write that guy a good recomendation