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This is moderately fascinating. I still haven’t really figured out what this all represents, how it’s generated or what it means exactly. But you can do your own site here.

Correction: A good visual explanation.

Macworld San Francisco 2006

The Macworld Apple Keynote Address was yesterday.

Some new items:

  • iWork – I guess this is an updated 2006 version of AppleWorks. Correct me if I am wrong. (Yawn) Don’t really know much about this at all.
  • iLife – Some features updated. iPhoto allows more photos. Added iWeb which is perhaps the lamest name ever. I know Apple is still riding the wave of iNames, but I think it’s getting stale. It’s a little too 2002 for me. They should rename is dWeb, for dumb fucking name, assmuch. Yeah, I said it.
  • MacBook Pro – Dual processor laptop. That’s pretty darn awesome. iSight built in. Badass. And I am hearing you can install Windows on these news Macs for a dual boot system. Might help the accelles heel that Apple has had in the games department for years.
  • iMac – Is there anything new besides the processor, dual boot option with Windows and the Frontrow software? Seems like the same updates the MacBook received.
  • Intel Processors – Seems to me that I recall these were actually supposed to come out in the Spring or Summer of this year. Ahead of schedule, are we? Remind me again when OSXclone Vista was supposed to come out again? 2003? (ahem)

So I was not too impressed with this round of new product. But it’s no serious disapointment. The speed of these computers kick it. And to think, it will be the day when Windows OS recognizes a Mac file. Sheesh. But yeah, hopefully when the 2nd iteration of the Intel processor based iMac’s come out in the spring we’ll get two. One for the studio and one for the office. I can’t wait.

1/8 notes won’t kill ya, Max!

Some housekeeping: I recently upgraded to the latest version of K2. It’s looking nice. Asides are still a little muffed, but then again this theme is still Beta. I also upgraded my Gallery software to v2. It’s killer.

Has anyone checked out google.com today? It’s stuff like this (this Mr. Braille recognition, the first landing on the moon, etc…) that really gives me hope that they are a decent company. Or at least are trying. But then reality sits in and I realize they are still on their way to turning in to the Microsoft monster. It’s a shame. Is it that hard to stick to one thing and do it well?

In other news, I am presently going through my Bruce Springsteen phase. It’s a little early this year, but who can really tell when it’s supposed to happen. I am really getting in to The River and Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ this time around. There’s something about Growin’ Up that is just great and honest and real. The live version is great, too. It spoke to me when I was younger. Now I just really like it as sincere music. Bruce is a hard working man. I still need to see one of his shows. 4 hour shows would blow my mind. …not to mention my knees. 4 hours and he’s not a jamband. Go figure! Oh yeah and did it ever bother anyone else on the earlier records with Max Weinberg playing quarter notes on the hi-hats? Ugh!!! He’s a great drummer, but that really got annoying after a while. 1/8th notes won’t kill ya, Max! And we can’t forget how awesome Little Steven and Clarence Clemons are. Enough said.