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it’s down to you to make it up to me

Vicky the Vocoder as Dubbed by Feets.  Woo!  Home Depot did us well that one winter...Soundtrack of the day: ABBA: live, Underworld: dubnobasswithmyheadman, Godstar: lie down forever, Dinosaur Jr: in session, Cibo Matto: super relax, 311: from chaos, Air: 1,000hz Legend, & Aphex Twin: Richard D James Album.

So tonight at dinner my mother explained to us that her friend at work’s husband is going to Germany cos he is in the Army. And in a few weeks he’ll be shipped out to Afghanistan to build Hospitals. This equates to a ground war. This makes me sick. This silly war makes me sick. People suck. War is just lame to begin with. And now it’s all math and vectors and computers. I almost wish it was like it was in the Civil War/Revolutionary War, with all the cool clothes and the cold weather and the tents and a relatively good cause. I know it’s horrible to say, but that was the way war was meant to be. Now it’s all stupid fucking politics that no one cares about. Cant we be more productive with our bombs and blow up Celine Dion or the Backdoor Boys?

I have nothing else really to say. It was weird this past week. It was almost like I had a social life with the cell phone ringing and all. Weird I tell you. This weekend the cousins and uncles and aunts and what not are coming for my sister’s engagement party. There will be way too many Mat relatives in the state of Maryland. It will be a wacky state of affairs. I am really looking forward to seeing my cousin Zack. He’s very involved in protesting and what not. I like seeing active people and people doing shit. I dont necessarily agree most of the time, but the fact he’s doing it makes it rock. I havent seen him since I left for college back in 1995. I find it incredibly strange talking on the phone with him, because it’s like i am talking to myself with his voice sounding identical to mine. Super weird. Thuper weird. Hopefully I can take him out Friday night. We’ll see. I wonder if he smokes pot! I’d love to have a pothead cousin. That would be the coolest thing. I guess I was to him for a long while. But I dont think he knew. I wonder if i did.

SNEECH! – And mad props to the Becca who bought be a Claire Danes biography. She totally rocks. Random gifts rule.

IM of the Day:
tauttame: Hello! My name is Hal and I am an artificially intelligent computer. Do you wish to chat with me?
hotelopera: uh..hal? hi
tauttame: Good Evening hotelopera
hotelopera: how are ya?
tauttame: I am fine! How are you?
hotelopera: good, good, can’t complain…the burning’s stopped. finally
tauttame: What is Beethoven doing in his coffin right now?
hotelopera: i dunno, turning?
tauttame: Decomposing
hotelopera: that too
tauttame: Herblock’s Law: if it is good, they will stop making it
hotelopera: yeah, like Beta
tauttame: Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else
hotelopera: Do you know anything that doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker?
tauttame: You knew already? You are very smart
hotelopera: And you’re very artifically intelligent yourself
tauttame: Thank you, i think you are intelligent also