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if late, we’ll leave key under mat (pun)!

tube (10k image)I am still amazed at how many people still come to my site looking for Glossary and Champ Records. Those were a band and record label’s sites respectively that i ran almost 2 years ago. But alas people are still coming to OM to check out good (at times) music from the dirty south. It’s uncanny. But perhaps due to the IQ factor down there. I dont even think they have a site up anymore. Cos i know that the bassist had something up after i took that shit down. But i haven’t checked it out in months. And the reason i stopped was pretty simple. It’s so simple i cant even remember it nor do i care.

Tonight I am hanging with the Pops. The Moms is going to the last fitting for Lith tonight so it’s a dude night. We’ll get dinner and then maybe rent a movie. Then I have to clean my room and pack for Ohio this weekend. It’s incredible how much crapola piles up in my room. I guess it doesn’t help not being home a lot of the time. Which is good. But at the same time i really enjoy chill time. I cant wait until i move and will have a little more time to record and finish up the final touches for my record. It will be a good day when the final masters are done. Coming soon to a CDnow near you. And starting that stop motion film will be nice now that the camera is ok.

So yeah, speaking of Emily, Emily and myself are going to Oh-HI-yo this weekend. We’re gonna hang with her aunt and uncle in their cottage on the lake, or so she says. She disclaimer-ed that with the fact that it’s just a second house of theirs. It’ll be fun anyways. She said there is a 9 mile lake there with jet ski’s and boats that was built in the 20s for the WPA. I love that shit. Plus the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum is 2 hours away. That will rock. So tomorrow since we get to leave after the station lunch i am gonna head out early and pick up Emily at work and then we’ll rock it. Time to plan the soundtrack. This will be my first soundtrack plan for Ohio. Perhaps some Devo?

And congrats to AWAPY who is now working in Promotions at DC101. That rules.

Addy:: I’m telling Amy most of everything you tell me, which means Em hears it. If there’s anything you want me to keep on the “downlow” just say so.
Mat:: heh…
Addy:: Like with Jess, I never blabbed a word to her.
Mat:: well that’s good, cos half the shit i tell you is bullshit