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princess prattle

So i just got home. I got a CD in the mail. It was Godspeed You Black Emperor’s newer album. It’s a double whammy. Damn. These guys are my new Tortoise. But they are like Emo Tortoise. I am only in to the 1st 7 mins of the first song that is 22mins. I love a CD that has two tracks. Damn I love it. Those 20 second punk rock songs are like teases. What a bore. Love me some Muzzle.

Uh… I dont really have much to say these days. Work is fine. I am going to do this fund raiser for the Leukemia foundation tomorrow nite. We get to cruise in a limo (with 49 other limos) in a scavenger hunt in DC. Then get to drink and eat lots of free food! Woooo…uh

Last night after work I went to Buddy’s baseball game. They are called “The Rockers.” It was awesome to see him play. Seeing a man who is almost 40 hit a home run really makes me hopeful for the future. He is the man. And watching him drop trou’ in the parking lot of the park was fucking hillarious. I did take digital and 35mm photos. It felt so incredibly good to whip out the 35mm camera. It had been almost 6 months since I last used it. Since it had been so long I actually had to use the light meter. Damn the man. But it was mega fun. Shooting baseball isnt the easiest task at all. Well maybe it is. Maybe it’s like when a baseball photographer tries to shoot a rock show.

I get friday off and you dont. Yeah. I was going to go to NYC to see the Siren Festival, but it’s my pseudo Boss’ suprise birthday party. So that will be fun none the less. I wish I was gonna go to the music festival, but this weekend will be a good one to not really do anything. I need more of those. I need I need I need! Oh and I need a Palm Pilot. I feel like such a sucker getting one. But I am always out and about and I think it will really help me in my lack of organization skills. Plus having little toys like that really make me happy. I heard you can get Super Mario Bros. on it…as long as it gets Spyhunter i will be a happy man!

Nothing else going on. Except for the Def Leppard deal on VH1. My eyes will be glued. The CD is at track two at 2.51- I am in love.