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Excerpt taken from Thudfactor.com with permission. Read the whole article here. Thud said my thoughts better than I could. So dig it and get where I am coming from.

Obama recently said something about autism and vaccinations:

We’ve seen just a skyrocketing autism rate. Some people are suspicious that it’s connected to the vaccines. This person included. The science right now is inconclusive, but we have to research it. [ Washington Post ]

According to the Obama campaign, “this person” refers to someone in the crowd who asked a question about autism, not Obama himself. But regardless, we’ve had to endure another round of “people who doubt vaccines are irresponsible superstitious nutjobs” posts from people who ought to know better.

I say they ought to know better because they are liberal bloggers who have often written about the gross failures of this administration, particularly in health care and regulatory roles. Let’s go over the narrative again:


  1. The FDA is underfunded, understaffed, mismanaged, and rushed.
  2. The CDC is underfunded and rushed
  3. The Bush administration often pressures government researchers to give the answers it wants
  4. The Bush administration often suppresses research it deems damaging to its own interests and those of corporate friends.
  5. Health care is primarily run for profit in this country.
  6. Medical pregnancy care is rife with dangerous advice, contradictory advice, and procedures done for legal cover and physician convenience, not the best interests of the patient.
  7. We’ve found lead and date-rape drugs in children’s toys, thanks to failing regulatory infrastructure.
  8. There’s recently been a number of high profile, safe drugs pulled from the market which were approved, again, thanks to failing regulatory infrastructure and government pressure.

Pulex Irritans

For the past couple weeks (and for the next few months) I have been working as a contractor to my ex-contractor once or twice a week at my past employer. It’s good money. It’s easy work. I get to ride the train. And during the “design” stages of the studio build-out, it simply makes sense as I am not really needed physically as much. It will also pay for this.

However, I was pretty grossed out at work yesterday. There are a few secretaries in the office. Some do certain things. Others the other things. Many do nothing. (Remember this is your hard earned tax dollars!) But there is this one that had her head bent over and her hair laid out on her desk and she was brushing it. And then she was looking at her desk as if she was cleaning her hair or something and looking at the remains. What’s odd is it doesn’t look like she brushes her hair often. I am dumbfounded. You gotta love government lackeys.

I [heart] people like this.

Floor 3, Please.

I was in the elevator this morning and the lady next to me looked at me and said, "Man, it’s friggin’ cold."

I replied, "Well, it is January!"

Then she said, "It’s RIDIC-O-LOUS!"

I [heart] government lackeys.