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Rio de Espiritu Santo

Last week I was in Minneapolis for a conference for work. It went well and my presentation on the new grant process went better than planned. Sometimes those presentations can trip me up. I guess it’s not so bad when you know something about what you are talking about. But that lead-up until the presentation is still pretty damn nerve-racking.

After the conference a few of us got in a car loaded with a library of maps, grabbed some fruit and hit the road. We traveled to tiny towns with populations topping out at 150 and ate in little diners with the locals. The Byways we traveled were Historic Bluff Country Scenic Byway which had the most amazingly picturesque goat bluffs. I can’t tell you how romantic those steep hills are. Postcard.

We also traveled on the Great River Road which basically follows the Mississippi River from northern Minnesota to southern Mississippi until it spews in to the gulf. I think I’ve been on the Mississippi in most every bordering State. Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi. This time, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois were firsts for me. I still need to hit Missouri. Someday.

I have to tell you, that river is one heck of a river. The history with this body of water is immense and you can feel that power when you are close to it. I do have to recommend anyone who hasn’t already felt the undeniable force of the Mississippi should do it soon.

Do it.

Pictures of last week’s trip are here. And pictures of this weekend’s dinner with Marisa and Brian (and Sarah) and Michelle and Kris at Marrakesh are here.