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Here Come The Hotsteppers

I think I am getting old. The band had a show Friday night. Or Saturday morning depending on your perspective. We played dead last. I think we started around 12.30pm. Just one hour late. But it’s rock time, I presume. Still, clearly past my bedtime. Especially considering I woke up at 5am that morning. Which isn’t too atypical for a work day. So the show was ok (there were highs and there were lows), but I think typically people attending bars don’t want to sit through a long set(s) so most of the people filtered out except for a few close friends of Eric’s after a couple of songs. I wouldn’t blame them. At 2am, I want to be in bed!

Saturday was spent recovering from being up the night before until 3am and doing the bar thing. I was pretty much in a haze all day, recovering. Snotty and grumpy. I did take a walk outside with Frankie that seemed to help and took a trip over to Target to get a new air filter was fun. I think I am going to start booking shows at retirement homes. Load in at 3pm. Show at 5pm. Home by the 7. Sounds like the perfect life to me.

Then Nan came over to go to Adam’s Morgan for Ethiopian food with Nan’s niece, but I stayed home because I felt like ass. I watched a little of the DVD documentary that came with the Born to Run boxset. I programmed the universal remote and did a ton of laundry. Later that night they came back and Kris and Michelle also came over for a beer. It was fun hanging out with them. They always relax me. There’s something about family.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

PS. David Chappelle is frickin’ hillarious. Rent his DVDs now! The Chappelle Show Season 1 is ON!