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Alice Coltrane : 1927 – 2007

Alice Coltrane

Sadly Alice Coltrane passed away on my birthday, this past Friday. She was 69. Strangely I did not find out until today after reading Floodwatch. His tribute is better than anything I could write – so one should read it.

A lot of people just consider her “John Coltrane’s wife” – but she was way more than that, in fact her career as a successful musician predates their marriage and continued well on past John’s death. Her harp playing was perhaps the best in the world, no doubt in the jazz world. She was also an accomplished pianist and composer. If you don’t already own Universal Consciousness, you should do yourself a favor to your mind, body and soul.

What’s moderately bizarre is that I picked up a McCoy Tyner record called Extentions on Saturday with Al at the Soundgarden. The reason I picked it up was because I saw on the back of the record that Alice Coltrane played harp on it. Sadly she passed away the day before.

RIP Alice.