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i so had a rockgasm last night

sheena is a punk rocker - uterus (2k image)DocMendrakis: hey, what’s up?
DocMendrakis: John and I stayed at Hotel 17 once a few years ago
mat: great place
DocMendrakis: yes, but it was way before the renovations
DocMendrakis: great price, though, and nice location
mat: yeah, totally cool place
DocMendrakis: glad you had a good time
mat: i did!
mat: thanks!
DocMendrakis: sounds like everything’s swell with Emily
DocMendrakis: that’s great…Anoki and I had a long weekend together
mat: what’d u do?
DocMendrakis: Saw Rev. Horton Heat and Nashville Pussy Sat.
DocMendrakis: went to my Dad’s for dinner Sun. and drove him around where I grew up
DocMendrakis: I love Nashville Pussy…they’re so wrong….but the fire-breathing bassist isn’t with them anymore
mat: u wanna hear something funny?
DocMendrakis: ok
mat: i am seeing the vagina monologues friday nite and nashville pussy on sat!!
DocMendrakis: hahahahah
DocMendrakis: hahahah
DocMendrakis: my lesbian co-worker Eva is laughing too
mat: i bet she loves the pussy too!
DocMendrakis: yes, the asian variety
mat: speaking of pussy, did u ever find the nude on my site?
DocMendrakis: artsy or hardcore?
mat: not hardcore
mat: funny though
DocMendrakis: awww…ha ha
DocMendrakis: ween?
DocMendrakis: booty?
mat: ween
DocMendrakis: bring it on
mat: u gotta find it sailor!
DocMendrakis: oh, its BLUE!
mat: hehehehe
DocMendrakis: is it going to fall off?
DocMendrakis: can you get treatment?
mat: emily gave me a mask
DocMendrakis: I bet she did
mat: hahaha
DocMendrakis: did you give her tits one too
mat: no
DocMendrakis: bad, sorry
mat: 🙂

Read all about the Zander Experience. I am envious he had an experience like this. It’s been a while since I’ve had one. Prolly since the Flaming Lips and Wayne’s gong with Feetnik and Hewson. Maybe i’ll have one at Prince next weekend. Hopefully.