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Our New Living Room

It seems when ever we move, our living room gets decorated last. And it seems like a big event is something that needs to happen in order to kick our asses in to getting it done. Finally our living room is live-able. Only a year late, but yay! And yay for shopping for art – not to mention making art!

Our New Living Room 3×3

Row 1: Zappa, Floor Lamp, Barcelona Lamp
Row 2: Handmade framed bedsheet, Prince circa 1983, Art by artist I can’t remember
Row 3: Inhabit scroll, Haywood Wakefield Record Cabinet, Weird clock that’s virtually unreadable

Mat Ironing The Bed

Mat ironing the bed, because Emily is crazy and he indulges her.

I Said, “Hey Buddy.”


The inevitable world of suck is 7.5 inches of rainfall in one night here in DC and when your basement decides enough is enough.

On a positive note, this is what it looked like this morning. The mopping and sweeping of water out to the driveway helped a bit last night at 2am. It’s pretty scary when 2/3 of your garage is under water. Luckily we caught it as it was flooding and hopefully there is little to no damage, but we are staying home today to clean up everything to prevent the mold from growing.