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Tokio Hotel’s Schrei

When we were in Spain on our honeymoon last fall there was this band Tokio Hotel. They were all over German MTV. Rightfully so. If this band hasn’t already broke in the States, it’s only a matter of time. Their record Schrei is quite possibly the best record of 2005. Sonic mastery and genius lyrics. You will soon be swooning all over Bill, yeah Bill, their singer.Here’s the single that was raging all over western europe:
Tokio Hotel

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Durch Den Monsun – MP3 3.5MB 128kbps 3′ 46

Fires de Sant Narcis

Today was my first day back at work after just over 4 weeks, or so.

It’s pretty much a huge shock on my body. Let’s also not forget that I haven’t cooked a meal in, say, 28 plus days. Not to mention done laundry in a similar amount of time. Let it be noted that in Girona, Spain I did a small load of laundry in the sink of our hotel. My laundry never smelled so pepperminty fresh.

I still feel like I am on the honeymoon. It’s all very surreal. That could be my body adjusting to the time change. -5 GMT is the bot.

I need to recap the Wedding, but I still need to settle back to normal life. It was so intense and so full of love. I think I cried the whole way through the Ceremony, as did many other-a-guests. And yes, I really did miss breaking the glass the first time. Ooops. Thanks Mom for using a votive. Everything worked out wonderfully, sans the Farmer’s Almanac’s prediction of 70 degrees and sunny. Total bullshit. My people will be talking to your people, Mr. Almanac. My ass. Our friends and family are so amazing and we never could have put on this weekend with out them. They truely rule. And we thank you. Big time.

Pictures of the wedding and the honeymoon are on their way.

Oh yeah, and thanks so much for everyone dancing the night away. I spent a lot of time, in fact probably an unhealthy amount on time working on the playlists for the iPod. Seeing everyone dance until the break of dawn was truely touching for me. Breathtaking.

And, Did I mention I have the best Wife and World Traveler Accomplice ever? EVER!

An Update From the Costa Brava

Hi everyone!!

So we’re now on our last leg of the trip… and version 4.0 of the itinerary. Since we last talked to you in Seville, we decided to scratch Morocco (too intense for our sleepy bodies and brains and not enough time) and head to Barcelona. Except Barcelona was packed with barely a room left in the city! We ended up jumping from sad little pension to sad little pension (with one lonely little star, as Mat says) before we decided to bag it and head up the coast to do some exploring. In the meantime though, we had a blast hanging out with Mat’s Aunt Kathi and Uncle Barry who happened to be in town at the same time. We toured the Sagrada Familia and had amazing dinners and conversations (finally, extended conversations in English! Hooray!).

So we decided to rent a car. Unfortunately, we never got around to taking Catherine up on her offer of teaching us stick before we left home. So we learned on the bustling streets of Barcelona. Or rather, Mat learned. I did okay the first couple times, then gave up after failing to get it into first gear after 15 tries. Actually, at that point, we both had given up and were tired of being the entertainment for everyone on the street corner and I walked back to the rental place for help. Soon we realized, help came in the form of a tow truck. We were hoping for just a lesson. We weren’t ready to give up yet. The driver gave us some instructions in Catalan and a few key gestural demonstrations with his hands, but somehow it worked. Mat got behind the wheel… and away we went! On to the highway and up the coast! We found a great little hotel in a tiny town called Tamariu (population: 140) and relaxed for a few days. We drove to Figueras and visited the Dali museum then wandered up to France for dinner. Yummy!

After a few days, we headed back to Barcelona where we had made an advance reservation (clever us) and met up with Kathi and Barry again. We spent a few days breaking the bank in the amazing little shops in La Ribera and visiting the fascinating Picasso museum. And since we had so much fun driving through the countryside of Catalonia, we decided to do it again. So we rented another car and now we’re in a fancy hotel in a town called Fontnells. We treated ourselves to four stars! But they close for the season on Sunday so we’ll be moving on up the coast and then we fly to London on Thursday for one night before flying home on Friday. We’re winding down and ALMOST ready to get back to normal post-wedding life. Not sure we’re ready for November weather yet though. And almost Thanksgiving… how bizarre! We still think it’s the end of summer.

Anyhow, miss you all and can’t wait to see you all (hopefully) soon. But, in the meantime, a pool-side mojito is calling….. 😉

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