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let yourself play with my balls and doughnuts

pavement (15k image)CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19)
Week of February 21, 2002

It’s noon on a Wednesday. I’m lounging on my couch in my faux Kung Fu robe. An old “Twin Peaks” video is playing with the sound off on my TV, and I’m snacking on leftovers from last night’s chocolate feast, which my friends and I staged as a way to spit in the eye of Old Man Winter. Oh how I wish I could in good conscience advise you to do what I’m doing: play hooky; goof off nonstop; let laziness teach you its marvelous secrets. Alas, I can only authorize you to spend one day like that this week. OK, maybe two. As for the rest of the time: Multi-task like crazy. Master the art of constructive frenzy. Either clone yourself or enlist helpers who’ll carry out your every instruction to the letter.

-193.62 loan -150.00 visa -50.00 nwa fund -125 food kitty

leon theremin is god - taligod...terrorist theremins will one day take over the world...theremin (8k image)CapricornHoroscope (by astrocenter.com)
Today is an excellent day for you, dear Capricorn, in which you will find that your energy seems to be the missing puzzle piece in just about every situation you encounter today, especially those having to do with love and romance. You will find that things will be flowing your way in general and that you won’t have to work very hard to get what you need. A little bit of planning and a tad of nudging are all that it takes. You have the system down to perfection.

That is my horoscope. I never really thought much of them. Bizarre how sometimes they actually work out in my favor and also in what is sometimes going on in my life. Or not. I am at Emily’s place. She’s been working on some school stuff for the most part while I take shots of her with my JOYCAM and fuck with the developing. Right now she’s on the phone with her friend Jessie.

I believe I am going to assist Jessie and Emily in Emily’s shoot either later tonite or tomorrow after lunch. I think all I will be doing is pressing the shutter. Ahhh, the joys of being an assistant. Gimp Mat. Emily dressed me up in her scarf. I was turban-taliban Mat. I should be a terrorist. Hell, I may be a terrorist for all you know. I wonder if in my sleep I am a terrorist. Mat, terrorist by dream. Or not.

Weezer is tomorrow. They basically bore me to death live. So I don’t think I will check it out this time. I’d like to see Jimmy Eat World but they will be in the studios on Monday. Ahhh. What to do. Blah. Need to eat again. Mat is hungry.