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Scratch My Vagina

Another successful New York trip with Emily! They get better and better each time.

This time we got a sick rate at the Hilton in Midtown and took Amtrak in. Not our normal destination or transportation mode, but it got the job done and the train rules. Yeah, it’s normally $450 a night. We got our rate for just over $100/night. All we had to do was wait through a hard sell for some quasi-timeshare which really turned out to be a lease share on Saturday for two hours. You don’t really ever own anything. Not really a scam, but kinda deceiving. Not that we would ever consider it. Above all it was most fascinating for their sales skills. Not really scum like used car salesmen, these guys have a psychologically advanced sales pitch. You have to respect that. Oh and when we were checking in there was this dude complaining that he got a nice robe with out fuzzy slippers. FUCKING SLIPPERS. I guess for $400+ rooms you get your balls scratched too.

New record store find! It’s called Downtown Music Gallery. In the Bowery. They actually do all distro for Tzadik Records. I shit you not. And the dude behind the counter told me where to pick up a Parts and Labor record because I can’t find my old CD and 7″. I think that bassist I played with a few years back still has it. Oh well. I picked up two records at DMG. Marc Ribot’s Soundtracks II and Rabbinical School Dropouts’ Cosmic Tree. What was cool was listening to them back at the hotel. The CD player in the room was pretty nice.

Other than that we did very little shopping and used cash the whole weekend. I think that’s the way to go so we don’t break the bank. We did get to meet up with a bunch of friends and family. We picked a night and asked everyone to meet us at Spice and it worked pretty well. We had 15 people show up. It was kinda like a mini Wedding reunion. Sorta. But it was great and we learned excellent new tactics for visiting people in NYC. Shit, why we didn’t figure this out before amazes me. Why trek through NY all week finding friends when they can all come to you? Hells yeah. Much better that way. And Elise (Annette and Billy’s child) is looking more and more like a person and not just a cute baby. She’s sooooo adorable. Other highlights included seeing Bridge and Tunnel with Sarah Jones. Do yourself a favor and see it. It’s more than timely now. And we saw at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre a not-so-improv-yet-still-madly-piss-in-your-pants-funny SHOWGIRLS: The Best Movie Ever Made. Ever. Uh huh. You must see this. Best part was them contemplating them reenacting the pool sex scene at the end on stage when their projector temporarily broke. The hesitation was the to die for. We also did check out the Whitney for some culture for their biennial. It was really refreshing seeing contemporary artists I could get behind. Yay for art. And yay for getting some sick SISA sounds for #4 or #5!!

And mad fun getting totally wasted Friday night with the man from Guatamala and his wife and the man born in Israel at the hotel bar. Oh yeah, we rule.

Emily can fill in the other details if she wants.