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What Goes On

I am of the belief (since it’s been forever)

  • My lovely Wife and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, a week and a few days ago
  • Lisa has been so cool and has been helping us ease the pain of settling in to our apartment
  • Al & JG had us over for some good time city life dinner and fun – I [heart] our new city
  • It’s especially pretty in the fall as are most cities
  • Unpacking takes way to friggin’ long and is kind of getting on my nerves
  • Feetnik started her new gig and I went in today to assist with her transition and my co-worker gave me this book called High Fidelity Simplified by Harold D. Weiler, of course from 1952
  • Feetnik’s apartment is cute and overlooks the park
  • The MARC train treated me nicely on the way there – coming back was painful standing in the aisle in dress shoes
  • Thursday we’re finally changing our names, all legit style
  • Today, I received health insurance for the first time, sans an employer and it’s a killer deal
  • Two nights ago I went to 930 Club with David to see Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins and was happily surprised with the wonderful live arrangements
  • My kick-ass cousin, Zack, was in town for the Green Fest thing in DC this weekend and had him over for the night and showed him Baltimore
  • I am kind of enjoying the time I get to spend with Frankie on her walks 2-3 times a day
  • Feetnik, is more than likely coming over this weekend to do website stuff, but more so play Emily’s Weeds dealer

Boom and Brief Power Outage this AM

i am of the belief that…

…it’s 94 degrees outside – that’s hot. like hot as balls
…i don’t want to leave work in fear of sweating on my 200 feet I have to walk to the Metro station
…i had a full day today
…grants be kicking my behind
…it was a U2 remixes and Tortoise day
…i am going to do nothing tonight
…this weekend, i finally finished painting the dining room. it’s now as if the contractor never came
…i am going to fargo, nd in june. i can’t wait!
…my palm is syncing at work now. hurrah. talk about productivity
…when you scratch the part right above frankie’s tail, her teeth make that ‘click’ sound
…emily thinks it’s because she thinks a male dog is mounting her
…one would think frankie or any dog could tell the difference between a dog mounting you vs. a human scratching your back
…at 6:40 this morning there was a moderately loud ‘boom’ heard outside – then the power went out for a few seconds – and nothing. it was weird.
…i haven’t done one of these in forever!
…see ya

Honky Cat

I am of the belief…

…it’s been too long since I’ve done an “I am of the belief”
…Communist Bakesale had a show last night
…I gave it a 6 out of 10 stars
…I am thinking more and more (and it seems Emily agrees with me) that people seem to get lost in the “jams” more and more – perhaps not something for the clubs/bars
…Jessie Kendall came because she’s in town and stayed the night
…I met her about 4 years ago at Jane’s Addiction the 2nd time I met Emily and when her stalking became an art
If You Want Me to Stay (by Sly and the Family Stone) is the best song ever
…I wake up too early on the weekends
…especially after a show and going to bed at 4am
…We’re babysitting Honey who is a retreiver/sheppard mix
…You can point to a room and say “go!” and she’ll go to that room and lay down
…It’s hotter than hell here in DC this weekend
…I had to cancel practice with the other band I play in today
…I feel guilty
…Tomorrow we’re getting our marriage license
…I found about 30 “unseen since 2002” entries from July of 2001 this week
…There were even a few Elle posts in there, pushing her total post-count to 191
…I also started importing old comments from 2000-2001, but quickly became tired of doing that
…I should go back to sleep
…Both the doggies are sleeping again
…Why can’t I?
…Happy Sunday
…Thanks goodness we don’t have to go to work tomorrow…