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iPhoto Share?

Does anyone know how, in iPhoto, to have read/write privileges for other users in my iMac? All while, sharing the same library? The simple “sharing” feature in system preferences isn’t cutting it anymore.


The Goings On

Stuff Going On:

  • I assisted David in putting up some drywall in his office.
  • Went to Ohio for the 4th of July. Watched fireworks on HDTV. Wild and exciting.
  • Finished my DOT Grants for the year.
  • Had dinner at Sputnik. Finally met Reece. She looks remarkably like Dave.
  • Vacationed at the ‘rents house for a few days. Feetnik and Gordon visited.
  • Installed Dad a wireless network. It took minutes. I amazed myself at how easy it was.
  • Went to NYC for my cousin’s wedding shower. Or rather “babysat” Lily while Emily attended.
  • Started using iPhoto.
  • Deleted a bunch of photos with out backing them up. Lost them. Used data recovery software to recover. It was quite successful. At least with the memory cards where I didn’t reformat it in the camera. Mental note noted.
  • Blew up my online photo gallery. ModRewrite is still muffed up. 🙁 Help, Anyone. Please.
  • Nan came over for a few hours so we could clean the house. Otherwise it would have taken 12 days. I calculated it.
  • Upgraded from a full to queen size bed. We’re officially old now. Buying the house, getting married and having the kid didn’t really count.
  • Went to Eric and Erika’s wedding shower. Played with Annie. She’s amazing.
  • Acquired family insurance with little to no hitch.
  • Listened to Prince’s Planet Earth. Amazed at his marketing and distro plan. And enjoyed his return to the guitar.
  • That’s all folks.