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The iPod Death Clock

I purchased The Walnut a few months prior to the wedding. It was our DJ.

This iPod Death Clock will guess when your iPod will die and painful death. I presume it uses statistical analysis based on previous users trouble shooting history, manufacturing date, usage and dropage.

So I have the 1st Generation 60gig Photo iPod which was manufactured in November 2004. I think I purchased it sometime in the summer of 2005. I now use it around 3-5 hours a week (I am more an iTunes kinda guy), normally used in the car, it’s never been wet, it’s never been dropped and I’ve never seen those funky “bad” icons when something really bad happens.

So the verdict is:

78 days, 8 hours, 40 minutes 24 seconds.

Bummer dude. The real kicker is that is also says my battery life is around 22%. I had wondered why it wouldn’t played 12+ hours like it used to be able to.

But today it’s fine and I am not planning on buying a new iPod. The Walnut is working fine and it’s my baby. So we’ll see…


Currently in the iPod/CD Player:

Rabbinical School Dropouts – Cosmic Tree
Prince – Batman
Brian Eno and David Bryne – My Life in the Bushes
Marc Ribot – Soundtracks II
Jill Jones – Jill Jones
Joni Mitchell – Blue
Temple of the Dog – Temple of the Dog
The Time – The Time
Sam Prekop – Who’s Your New Professor
Parts & Labor – Stay Afraid
The Melvins – Bullhead
KRS-One – Return of the Boom Bap
Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistic Pillow
Glenn Branca – Symphony No. 3
Curtis Mayfield – Curtis
Carole King – Really Rosie
Bill Laswell – Ambient Compendium
Dolly Parton – Hello I’m Dolly
Experimental Audio Research – The Koner Experiment
Mazerati – Mazerati

Double Fisting

As stellar as this photograph is. And as Stevie Nicks as this is, I have to say:

If I hear Midnight at the Oasis by Maria Muldaur on my iPod’s shuffle one more goddam time, I am going to go ape-shit. I really should delete the song. Kill me now. Or rather, kill it.