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did she just say “lick my butt”?

she did just say it!  Christina Abbott (13k image)mat: kids these days!
Jeff::buncha bastards.
Jeff:The fun thing is that I just call their moms and tell on them.
Jeff:Which is pretty cool.
mat: rock on
Jeff:”Your daughter was howling in class today again, Mrs. Cohen.”
Jeff:”Just thought I should let you know.”
mat: nice!
mat: was she the warewolf of london?
Jeff:she’s a monsta.
Jeff:It’s like teaching Andrew WK.
mat: ouchie!
Jeff:Except not nearly as entertaining.
mat: his music is just so silly
Jeff:I actually have this theory that he’s really Stephen Malkmus.
mat: it’s entirely possible
mat: that or the dude from tool
Jeff:The bald one with the dress?
mat: yeah
Jeff:That could be.
mat: wouldnt it be great!
Jeff:Hell yeah.
Jeff:Maybe he and Malkmus take turns.
Jeff:”Maynard, you hit yourself in the face with the brick for once and do that fucking interview.”

:: favorite cable network?
42.3% :: vh1 classics
19.2% :: tlc
15.3% :: nasa
11.5% :: mtv2
11.5% :: bet