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word to yo momma

So my therapist thinks I may have ADD. Attention Defecit Disorder. It would explain a lot, esp considering my fear of going back to school. I could go into detail explaining why she thinks it may be so, but I don’t have the patience for typing it.


Don’t forget to buy your mother a Mother’s Day gift! Don’t Forget! She’s your mother. She gave birth to you. Take the day to spoil her the right way. There’s no better feeling than that of knowing you’re loved and appreciated by your dear ones. Spoil her, dammit! Or else the Chicken Cow* will come after you.

Had my car inspected yesterday….. Forgot to bring my current insurance card with me…. Oops! So we did the inspection, and I would get a “fail” sticker when finished, which gets removed when I show my valid insurance card. So, Benjamin Franklin was my car inspector. No kidding! I made a comment about him having a “pretty cool name” and he smiled, replying that most people just give a hearty laugh. So I joked around with him for a bit – I was nervous that my baby wouldn’t pass! But she did! You go girl! Anyway, Ben passed me without my insurance card. Told me it was because I was nice to him – I made him laugh. And because I showed him every other insurance card for the past 2 years. Sweet old Ben! Think I’ll name my first son after him…. Benjamin. Always liked that name.

Caught Guster Saturday night. Cinco De Mayo! So, 95% of the crowd seemed to consist of drunk 16 year olds who couldn’t stand up long enough to walk up/down the stairs of the balcony. Yeah, ok – they’re having a good time. But when they started being incredibly obnoxious and disrespecting everyone outside of their designated “party area” seats, it grew annoying. Girls would come over, drop their stuff off in the seats in front of mine, then rush over two rows to the “party”. I told my friend that if one more girl left her stuff, I was going to move it over to the opposite end of the row. I was dead serious. But, the time had come to do so and I wussed out. What if the drunk 16 year old girls came after me!??! I was tough, but not tough enough for the mob that would ensue! Maybe I was just jealous? Ha! Wishful thinking….. Girlfight!

Might have found a friend to drive cross country with me! Allright! She’s actually been referred to as my “sister” quite a few times by plenty o’ strangers each time we’re out. Road Trip!

Gonna catch the Rondelle’s Friday night! I think! Girl Rock!

* If you don’t know what the “Chicken Cow” is, head off to Napster and download said song by Wesley Willis. You will thank me.

more abortions = less crime?!?

Was lounging in the bathtub last night reading the newest issue of Newsweek (April 30, 2001) and came across a piece that really got me thinking. Something I haven’t done in a while. Damn! It felt good…

So this piece was a rebuttle to an article that two law professors (John Donohue, Stanford; Steven Levitt, U of Chicago) had written in Harvard’s Quarterly Journal of Economics. In it, they supported and tried to prove that since the legalization of abortions started in the 1970’s, crime rates have dramatically fallen. They think there’s some sort of correlation here?!?

Roe v. Wade lead the way to legalized abortions. Since then, there have been over 27 million abortions performed in the last 18 years. Donohue and Levitt believe that “legalized abortion appears to acount for as much as 50 percent of the recent drop in crime.” Excuse me?

Homocide has gone down 40 percent. Violent Crime is down 30 percent. States with high abortion rates have had greater reductions in their crime rates. How?

“6 percent of any birth cohort commits about half of that cohort’s crimes.” Father is criminal. Father’s son commits about half of his father’s crimes. Legalized abortion ceases this crime chain by allowing the father not to have his child.

Donohue and Levitt believe that abortions and crime rates correlate between similiar social classes and living environments.
Donohue and Levitt could be viewed as racists. “Given that homocide rates of black youths are roughly nine times higher than those of white youths, racial differences in the fertility effects of abortion are likely to translate into greater homocide reductions.” Why? Because there will be fewer black youths since the legalization of abortions? Or because it will take the white youths nine times longer to catch up?

I wouldn’t have a problem with these two men, had they simply stated that since the legalization of abortions in the 1970’s, a small percentage of the drop in crime rates can be attributed. I would understand a drop in the smaller, petty crimes; such as theft, breaking and entering. But homocide, rape, and other vicious violent crimes? I find it hard to find that these two subjects have much, if anything to do with each other.

Oddly enough, Donohue and Levitt are not advocating abortion. They simply believe they have found an explanation to the rise in unwanted pregnancies/abortion and a drop in crime.

Who’s to say that we, the “legalized abortion generation” aren’t incubators of a crime rate yet to rise?

cut your hair

darlin' don't you go and CUT YOUR HAIR!I did it. Finally. I cut my hair.

It’s amazing what newfound freedom one feels; like stepping into a whole new world.

My Dad thinks I look like “that girl Claire”. WHO?!? “You know, from that TV show you used to watch…. a long time ago…” Ooh, Claire Danes…. Hmm, I don’t think so…
It’ll be interesting who I look like now, with shorter hair.
No more Ally McBeal for me!


I have Bronchitis. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Was sick all weekend…. lots of fun.

I will be better for the Dismemberment Plan show this weekend in DC.


Never got to posting my the details of my Tucson vacation. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow since I’m home sick.


I will have my own bathroom when I move to Los Angeles. A bathroom with a jacuzzi/whirlpool tub and a television! My uncle is having a special TV installed so I can watch while in the tub. How spoiled am I going to be?!?